(National Sentinel) Scheming: Recent reports noted that should the Democrats manage to retake control of the House, Dem-led committees will unleash a torrent of investigations into everything related to POTUS Donald Trump, his businesses, and his associates.

One of those investigations will center on Trump Organization “money-laundering” allegations, according to “leaker” Rep. Adam Schiff, D-Calif., who would become chairman of the House Intelligence Committee — a disaster in and of itself.

“There was one issue we were not allowed to look at and the Senate hasn’t been either that concerns me a great deal and that is the issue of whether Russians were laundering money through the Trump Organization and [if] that is the leverage they have over the president,” Schiff told The Hill Wednesday.

“Someone needs to determine whether those allegations are true or they are not. That certainly would be a priority for me.”

Mind you, the Trump Organization has been around for decades, and up to now, no one has ever so much as whispered that POTUS Trump and his companies were involved in anything nefarious — with Russia or any other foreign government.

But in an effort to keep the “Russian collusion” lie alive, Schiff is inventing allegations of ‘Russian money laundering’ just to keep his base inflamed as well as supporters of the Democratic Party.

The fact that Schiff can even say this attests to serious flaws in our system of justice; only sitting members of Congress can get away with slandering someone as badly as Schiff just slandered the president and his business associates.

It’s worse than that, though. Never mind the stupidity behind Schiff’s claim. If Democrats do indeed win the House they will make the BS narrative ‘real’ by virtue of investigating it.

And this won’t matter either. Per the Washington Examiner:

Republicans on the House Intelligence Committee in April released their final report on foreign interference in the 2016 election, their inquiry finding that there was no “collusion, coordination, or conspiracy between the Trump campaign and the Russian government.”

Democrats have dismissed that report as Republican political posturing, but they’ve yet to introduce (or in Schiff’s case, leak) information that proves otherwise.

This is what’s at stake in November for the GOP majority and POTUS Trump: Relentless nothing burger investigations that are not meant to find anything but are instead meant to destroy a man who dared take on the Washington establishment and win.


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