(National Sentinel) Aid and Comfort: Former Secretary of State John Kerry has admitted that he is working to undermine POTUS Donald Trump and his administration in its dealings with Iran regarding the disastrous “nuclear deal” he helped his former boss, President Obama, strike.

In an interview with radio talk show host Hugh Hewitt, Kerry — who (of course) is promoting a new book — “said that he has met with Iranian Former Minister Javad Zarif—the former secretary’s onetime negotiating partner—three or four times in recent months behind the Trump administration’s back,” the Washington Free Beacon reports.

The news site reported further:

I think I’ve seen him three or four times,” Kerry said, adding that he has been conducting sensitive diplomacy without the current administration’s authorization. Kerry said he has criticized the current administration in these discussions, chiding it for not pursuing negotiations from Iran, despite the country’s fevered rhetoric about the U.S. president.

Kerry’s comments are in line with previous reporting on his behind-the-scenes attempts to save the nuclear deal and ensure that Iran continues receiving billions in cash windfalls. These payments were brought to a halt by the Trump administration when it abandoned the nuclear agreement and reimposed harsh sanctions on Iran that have nearly toppled its economy and sparked a popular revolution.

Kerry’s meetings come as Iran continues to fund terrorist organizations throughout the Middle East including two proxies, Hamas and Hezbollah, while working against American interests in Syria and Yemen.

“What I have done is try to elicit from him [Zarif] what Iran might be willing to do to change the dynamic of the Middle East for the better,” Kerry said. “How does one resolve Yemen, what do you do to try and get peace in Syria? Those are the things that really are preoccupying him because those are the impediments to Iran’s ability to convince people its ready to embrace something different.”

“I’ve been very blunt to Foreign Minister Zarif. I told him, ‘Look, you guys need to recognize the world does not appreciate what’s happening with missiles, what’s happening with Hezbollah, what’s happening with Yemen,'” Kerry recounted. “You’re supporting an ongoing struggle there.”

Whatever. Kerry’s words have no credibility, given that he and Obama gave Iran billions to ensure that, someday, the country would still be able to construct a nuclear weapon.

Money that, by the way, even Kerry has admitted has gone to fund anti-American terrorism.

Kerry claimed that Iran is ready to sit down with the Trump administration and negotiate to save parts of the nuclear deal, and other issues.

Even if that’s true — and it isn’t, because Iran has repeatedly stated publicly anyway it is not interested in negotiations, the Free Beacon noted – maybe POTUS Trump has a different idea about how he wants to deal with Tehran.

And maybe that’s none of Kerry’s business.

Someone in power should inform Kerry of three things: 1) He’s not in charge of the State Department anymore; 2) President Trump is now making Middle East policy for the United States; and 3) Some could consider what he’s doing as treasonous.


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