Where’s the border wall? Illegal alien crossings SURGE again

(National SentinelNo Security: As Democrats and RINOs continue to defer to illegal aliens and sanctuary cities, the number of illegal border crossings surged again in August, according to figures from the Trump administration.

LMTOnline reported that the number of illegal migrant families from Central America, especially, who were arrested at the U.S.-Mexico border in August was the highest in months.

The actual numbers are expected to be released sometime this week and will be used to see how effective POTUS Donald Trump’s order ending the separation of families at the border, which had been going on for years before he took office, has been.

LMTOnline noted further:

Agents working in the Rio Grande Valley, the nation’s busiest corridor for illegal crossings, say they’ve seen more families turn themselves in and ask for asylum in recent weeks, a potential indication that the policy reversal has encouraged more Central Americans to head north.

“They keep coming and coming,” said one agent. “There were some really large groups. Any time you have to use buses to come and pick them up, that’s not a good sign.

So in other words, Democrats, RINOs, and the disgustingly dishonest “establishment” media goaded the president into reversing one of the more effective border security policies our country had in place.

Now there’s a run on the U.S. border…again.

POTUS has one ace to play: He has once again threatened to veto any budget bill that does not include funding for his border wall (which, by the way, will be paid for by Mexico in the form of a better NAFTA deal).

“If it’s about border security, I’m willing to do anything,” he told reporters last week.

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