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Trump Jr.: POTUS Dad has only ‘SMALL group’ of people he can trust in the White House

(National SentinelClose-knit: As more people speculate that the now-infamous and “anonymous” op-ed published by The New York Times last week claiming POTUS Donald Trump is inherently unstable and that his administration is chaotic, the president’s eldest son spoke more about a POTUS under siege who has few people he can turn to.

“I think there are people in there he can trust,” Trump Jr. told ABC News’ “Good Morning America.”

There’s just not very many.

“It’s just a much smaller group than I would like it to be. It would be easier to get things done if you’re able to fully trust everyone around you,” the eldest Trump son said.

When asked how many people he trusted, Don. Jr. kept that to himself. But he said he does trust some people outside of the White House.

As further reported by Newsmax:

According to ABC News, Trump Jr. said the article’s publication has made his father more isolated.

The president’s son added that he thinks the writer of the opinion piece about his father’s administration should be investigated, and that the article was written by a “low-level person.”

“This is a very low-level person who will throw their name on an op-ed, and basically subvert the vote of the American people who elected my father to do this job,” Trump Jr. told ABC. He added that in his opinion, the article was “pretty disgusting” and “sad.”

“Listen, I think you’re subverting the will of the people, I mean, to try to control the presidency while not the president,” Trump Jr. said of the author’s description about how some papers are removed from his father’s desk to keep him from taking action.

He also said that disparaging comments about the president in Bob Woodward’s new book, “Fear,” attributed to senior administration officials like Defense Secretary James Mattis — who Woodward said compared Trump’s understanding of things to “that of a fifth or sixth grader” — are not true.

“People who are well respected in this administration have come out and denied it,” he commented. “If Gen. [James] Mattis had an issue with my father, he would say it to his face.”

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