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Missouri leading way on abortion safety reform after court LIFTS injunction

(National SentinelVictory: The U.S. healthcare industry is one of the most regulated in our country, with the exception of one so-called ‘medical’ procedure: Abortion.

But the state of Missouri just won a major court decision in the state’s lonely battle to impose new safety measures and regulations on abortions, including forcing abortion doctors to have admitting privileges.

The Free Beacon reported Tuesday that a U.S. court of appeals has lifted a nationwide injunction imposed by a lower court, thereby giving the Show-Me State the green light to move ahead with its reforms:

On Monday, the Eighth Circuit Court of Appeals overturned a lower court ruling that blocked Missouri from enforcing a 2007 state law that requires all abortion facilities to maintain partnerships with nearby hospitals. The three-member panel said the District Court “committed an error of law” by granting a preliminary injunction after local Planned Parenthood affiliates filed the suit.

“The preliminary injunction in this case was entered based on less than adequate information and an insufficient regard for the relevant standard,” the unanimous ruling says.

Comprehensive Health of Planned Parenthood Great Plains had argued that the safety measures could shut down its clinic in Columbia, leaving the nation’s top abortion provider with only one location in Missouri.

“If these laws are allowed to take effect, women will now have to travel farther, wait longer, and use more of their own resources to access the health care they need most,” Planned Parenthood Great Plains President Brandon Hill told the Kansas City Star.

Yeah, we’re not sympathetic. Abortion is an abomination and a massive human rights violation by a nation that claims to care so much about them.

Attorney General spokeswoman Mary Compton called the safety measures “commonsense regulations” aimed at protecting women in the state.

“We appreciate the court’s ruling. We will continue to vigorously defend Missouri’s commonsense regulations that protect women’s health and safety,” Compton said in a statement.

Besides handing Attorney General Josh Hawley a major win ahead of his U.S. Senate showdown against incumbent Sen. Claire McCaskill, a Democrat considered vulnerable in the red state of Missouri, it is a massive win for proponents of abortion safety reforms.

“The 8th Circuit is correct to hold that states have the power, if not the obligation, to enforce minimum safety regulations on abortion providers,” Terry Schilling, executive director of the American Principles Project told the Washington Free Beacon.

This isn’t an undue burden; it’s an overdue safety measure that’s needed to protect women. Anyone who claims to support ‘safe and legal’ abortion should also support these basic health standards.”

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