(National Sentinel) 2016 Campaign: On his Monday night broadcast Fox News host Tucker Carlson revealed a new piece of evidence proving once and for all that tech media behemoth Google was mobilized by top officials to help Hillary Clinton win the 2016 election.

Carlson obtained an email from a Google executive, Eliana Murillo, the former head of the company’s multicultural marketing department, showing how she deployed the company’s resources to bolster voter turnout in ways she believed would help Hillary over the top.

She admitted in her correspondence to top Google officials that she was disappointed Clinton lost despite the work done on her behalf as a silent donation, The Gateway Pundit reported.

Her tweets have recently been placed on “private.”

TGP noted further:

Eliana sent the email on November 9, 2016, that was one day after the presidential election. The email was forwarded by two Google vice presidents to more staff members throughout the company. Eliana touted Google’s multifaceted efforts to boost Hispanic turnout. She knows Latinos voted in record numbers especially in states like Georgia, Nevada and Arizona – “a key state for us.” Eliana admitted Google used its power to ensure millions of people saw certain hashtags and social media impressions. The goal was to influence behavior during the election.

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In recent months studies have shown that together or even separately, the Left-wing social media behemoths have amassed enough power to unduly influence the outcome of elections.

MIT Technology Review noted in the fall of 2017:

Social media isn’t just for photos of kittens and your uncle’s political memes anymore. It’s increasingly a tool governments use to influence elections and subvert democracy, according to a new report by the democracy advocacy group Freedom House.

The report found that at least 18 countries, including the United States, had their elections manipulated through social media over the last year. The spread of disinformation also contributed to the overall decline of Internet freedom across the world for the seventh year running, and contributed to violent attacks on human-rights activists and journalists, according to the report.

Carlson noted that Google directly supported far-Left groups like Voto Latino with “silent donations” of influence-peddling and other forms of manipulation.

This finding comes as conservatives and pro-Trump supporters in the media and elsewhere have increasingly seen the social media giants shut down, censor, or shadow ban them.

The time has come for the government to step in — not with new regulations but by using existing ones that prohibit certain election and campaign-related activities — and end this undue influence.

Via Tucker Carlson Tonight:

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