(National Sentinel) Correcting the Record: Last week, former President Barack Obama jetted out to California to campaign for far-Left Democrats in the bluest of blue states.

During one speech on Saturday, Obama drew a paltry 750 people – in California — he hear him lie about his record and trash POTUS Donald Trump.

What else is new?

Just this: During one of his speeches Obama dared to label what happened in Benghazi, where four Americans lost their lives including U.S. Ambassador Christopher Stevens, during a pre-planned terrorist attack on the American embassy (Sean Smith, Tyrone Woods, and Glen Doherty were the other three).

“The politics of division and paranoia has found a home, unfortunately, in the Republican party. … they’ve embraced wild conspiracy theories by those surrounding Benghazi. Or my birth certificate,” he said.

One of the Benghazi survivors, special ops warrior Kris “Tanto” Paronto, blasted the former ‘commander-in-chief’ for daring to dismiss his service and the sacrifice of others as part of some ‘wild’ conspiracy.

“Benghazi is a conspiracy @BarackObama ?! How bout we do this,let’s put your cowardly ass on the top of a roof with 6 of your buddies&shoot rpg’s&Ak47’s at you while terrorists lob 81mm mortars killing 2 of your buddies all while waiting for US support that you never sent #scum,” he tweeted.

For his truth bomb, Twitter banned Paronto for 12 hours, because that’s what Twitter does to conservatives.


As for Benghazi, a lengthy investigative report by the House, released in June 2016, found multiple failures on the part of the Hillary Clinton-run State Department, as Politico reported:

[T]he report drilled down on new details about how Clinton’s State Department failed to protect the diplomatic outpost in Libya. The report also said that the CIA missed the looming threat despite warnings and wrote faulty intelligence reports after the attack. And GOP staff said their findings indicate that the Defense Department did not meet its response times to deploy military assets to Benghazi and follow-up to ensure Americans were rescued in a timely fashion.

Clinton’s response? She said she would “leave it to others to characterize this report but I think it is pretty clear it is time to move on.”

You may recall that during her 11-hour testimony before Congress regarding the Benghazi attack was when Clinton shouted to a Republican senator: “What difference, at this point, does it make?”

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