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(National Sentinel) Banning Masculinity: There are conservatives who have claimed that “liberalism” is a form of mental disorder, and in their defense, liberals everywhere continue to prove them correct.

The Left is relentless in its pursuit to disarm the American citizenry, whether or not such an objective comports with the Constitution’s Second Amendment. As proof that Leftists only value our governing document when it is politically necessary, witness their defense of free speech on college and university campuses, as well as social media, only when it is speech that supports their political, social, and cultural viewpoints.

But be that as it may, it’s not easy in a country that is every bit of ‘light red,’ generally speaking, to do away with the destruction of a fundamental right recognized by our founders: The right to keep and bear arms for self-defense and, if need be, to put an authoritarian government back in its place.

Speaking of authoritarianism, The Mary Sue features a Leftist’s most recent plan to neuter the Second by banning the biggest user group of firearms: Men.


It gets even better. The arbiter of this craziness admits she isn’t even from the United States (her after-story bio says she lives in the U.K.):

While some of these men may have had mental health issues, as is often discussed in the aftermath, all of these men exemplify toxic masculinity—just think of how many of them also have a history of domestic violence. Indeed, I believe that most terror attacks are influenced in some way by it, and we are greatly underestimating the threat it still poses.

If you gather from that nonsense that “all men are terrorists or at least terrorists in waiting,” you’re perceptive. That appears to be the general sentiment.

It gets better, though. Not long after that passage, the writer – who is complaining about violence caused by “toxic masculinity” – writes this gem:

In contrast, examples of healthy or positive masculinity are protecting the ones you love, standing up for what’s right, punching Nazis, and Terry Crews.

And who might the ‘Nazis’ be? Of course; anyone who supports POTUS Donald Trump. Then and only then is masculine violence okay.

The bottom line is this: The writer isn’t arguing for gun control as much as she’s arguing for “man control” (that’s in quotes because that’s in her story headline).

What is that supposed to mean?

What I need you guys to do, though, is look around you and notice those men who get a little too angry if they lose, who react especially negatively if a woman disagrees with them—maybe you’ve even noticed bruises on their girlfriend or wife. If you feel strong enough, pull them aside and have a talk, man-to-man, about their behavior, especially if you know they have access to guns.


Thankfully, she gives us her idea of what ‘model masculinity’ amounts to. Men who are “worried about hurting even a fly” (like her husband). Men who “talk about watching ‘The Great British Bake-Off’” just as giddily as they talk about sports. And, presumably, any man who never gets angry, ever, for any reason, and who shuns firearms as though they were the plague.

Fine. But let’s flesh this out a bit. Anger and masculinity get men through tough moments – such as when they’re in a war zone fighting to protect our country. Bravery, when it’s needed, can be very masculine. When brawn is needed to get a dirty or tough job done, that often takes a lot of masculinity.

Leftist women who seek to essentially ban masculinity – to ban men – from the public square have either not thought through their objectives or are living in some fantasy world most everyone else would find mentally unstable.

A version of this story first appeared at NewsTarget.

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