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Roger Stone: ‘POTUS Trump must FIRE Sessions and others at DOJ or be impeached’

(National SentinelProactive: Roger Stone, a long-time confidant of POTUS Donald Trump, said during an interview Thursday that the president has got to fire Attorney General Jeff Sessions and as many senior officials within the Justice Department as necessary to find an AG that is capable of ridding DoJ of corrupt actors out to get him.

Stone told One America News Network host Jack Posobiec if POTUS fails to act quickly and boldly, he stands a good chance of being impeached.

The two also discussed special counsel Robert Mueller’s long-running, never-ending, and far-reaching investigation that so far has only focused on Russian figures and those close to the president — which, as he has said recently, could soon include an indictment of Stone himself.

“Robert Mueller is coming for me,” he said, as reported by The Hill. “I’m next on the crooked special prosecutor’s hit list because I’ve advised Donald Trump for the past 39 years. I am being targeted not because I committed a crime, but because the ‘deep state’ liberals want to silence me and pressure me to testify against my good friend President Donald J. Trump.”

Stone echoed this in his interview with Posobiec.

“I may be framed. There is no evidence whatsoever of Russian collusion on my part. There is no evidence of collaboration with Wikileaks,” said Stone.

“Now is it possible that Mueller and his gumshoes will conjure up something to get me to testify against the president as they did with Michael Cohen? That’s entirely possible… The president should act now. He should fire Mr. Sessions. That he should fire as deep into the Justice Department that he needs to get an Attorney General who is committed to the rule of law and loyal to this administration… If he does not fire them he will be impeached,” he added.

He also told Posobiec that John Podesta, Hillary Clinton’s 2016 campaign manager, and his brother Tony Podesta, will soon face legal scrutiny as well.

It’s not clear why Stone believes that POTUS Trump will be impeached if he doesn’t fire Sessions and much of the DoJ leadership, given that impeachment is a constitutional device available only to the Legislative Branch. And even then, Democrats would have to overwhelm the current GOP majority by large numbers in order to get the number of House and Senate members necessary to both impeach and convict the president. That doesn’t seem likely, and Stone agrees.

Nevertheless, it can be argued that the president has been under siege by elements of the Deep State since before he took office.

Also, Mueller wouldn’t be around to be indicting former Trump campaign associates and associated of private citizen Donald Trump if Deputy AG Rod Rosenstein had not appointed the special counsel after Sessions recused himself from all things Russia no sooner than he was confirmed.

As for the Podesta brothers, the only one we can think of who may be investigating them is DoJ Inspector General Michael Horowitz, and he doesn’t have subpoena power or the power to charge anyone; he can only recommend charges.

And thus far, no one in the Trump Justice Department or the special counsel’s office has shown much interest in going after anyone associated with Hillary Clinton, which is par for the course.

Still, it’s an enlightening interview.


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1 Comment on Roger Stone: ‘POTUS Trump must FIRE Sessions and others at DOJ or be impeached’

  1. Stone is right that Trump must act to bring justice, because those under him are acting against justice. It is in the interest of the nation, Trump and Stone. If Trump continues to allow people around him to be destroyed he is in jeopardy. Trump is looking weaker over time by allowing this nonsense. Trump is floundering.

    Stone’s style is to mix predictions with other things that are obvious.

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