(National Sentinel) Collapse: An anonymous op-ed published by The New York Times paints a disturbing picture of POTUS Donald Trump as an unmoored, unprincipled leader whose worst impulses have to be mitigated through secret actions and back channels. There exists, this “senior White House official” says, a “two-track presidency.”

But whether or not what the official says is true, Americans may have a legitimate constitutional crisis on our hands because the letter proves without any doubt that this president is a victim of subversion.

Since before he took office, sinister forces within the Deep State — the federal justice system, the intelligence community, and the Obama White House — aligned against him first to thwart his chances of winning and then, after he shocked the naysayers by beating Hillary Clinton, undermine his presidency at every turn.

The NYT’s op-ed is just the latest subversive act committed with the original objective in mind: To overturn an election and oust a duly-elected president.

Americans, this is as bad as it gets short of an open coup attempt, though make no mistake, that is the goal.

What’s more, there is no functioning system of justice in place to check the advance of the saboteurs.

In an appearance on Sean Hannity’s Fox News program Wednesday night, former federal prosecutor Joe diGenova said that for all intents and purposes, the Justice Department is in tatters. There is no effective leadership; AG Jeff Sessions is not just AWOL, he’s ineffectual and AWOL.

Deputy AG Rod Rosenstein, who diGenova said was under investigation by the DoJ inspector general’s office for alleged fraud and abuse of the FISA court, is very likely neck-deep in the plot to overthrow a president.

And remember that prosecutor Sessions assigned to ‘investigate’ the Clinton email probe, Uranium One, and the origins of Spygate — John Huber in Utah? DiGenova says he’s not even interviewing key witnesses, which means his probe is a sham, too.

Without a doubt, there is active subversion taking place against a lawfully elected president. And no one seems able, or willing, to do what must be done to protect him. As diGenova says, POTUS Trump is being jerked around, purposely undermined, and misled.

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America is in crisis, alright, but it’s not because of POTUS Trump. It’s because of what the media-justice-intelligence establishment is trying to do to his presidency.

POTUS has one option: Declassify everything and expose the liars, the frauds, and the saboteurs. 



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