Christian college DUMPS Nike after it launches ad campaign featuring NFL kneeler Kaepernick

(National SentinelFallout: The Nike brand continues to suffer in the wake of its idiotic and tone-deaf decision to sign former NFL quarterback Colin Kaepernick, who initiated the anti-American “kneeling” campaign during the playing of the National Anthem, to a multi-million dollar ad campaign.

Not only have owners of Nike merchandise including the brand’s overpriced shoes taken to social media to show them burning or throwing out products, the company’s stock has taken a hit too — to the tune of billions of dollars.

Now, a Christian-based college in Point Lookout, Missouri, has also cut its ties to the brand for all school-related sports and other equipment, The Blaze reports.

Nike rolled out its Kaepernick-themed campaign on Monday. Kaepernick posted the ad to his Twitter page, which features a black and white image of his face with the caption, “Believe in something. Even if it means sacrificing everything.”

Except that Kaepernick hasn’t sacrificed “everything” — hence the money he’s making as the new face of Nike’s long-running “Just Do It” motto.

Then Tuesday, Nike doubled-down on the tone-deafness and released a video featuring various acts of ‘sports heroism’ by mostly minority and women athletes, which Kaepernick also posted to his Twitter feed.

Now, Missouri’s College of the Ozarks, a private liberal arts college, will remove all uniforms that contain Nike’s logo from its school supply.

In a statement, the college’s president, Jerry C. Davis said, “In their new ad campaign, we believe Nike executives are promoting an attitude of division and disrespect toward America. If Nike is ashamed of America, we are ashamed of them. We also believe that those who know what sacrifice is all about are more likely to be wearing a military uniform than an athletic uniform.”

Like the men and women Kaepernick — and the rest of the NFL kneelers — disrespect every single time they protest our anthem.

Last year the college issued a mandate that its sports teams would walk away from games and events if members of the opposing team showed any disrespect at all to our flag or our country “with any decidedly negative behaviors such as kneeling, sitting, or turning their backs,” The Blaze noted.

“It’s a shame sporting events are being used to communicate disrespect for this great country,” Davis said in 2017. “It’s time for colleges and universities to be positive role models. We need more emphasis on character and unity and less emphasis on political correctness.”

Make no mistake, The National Sentinel supports the First Amendment’s freedom of expression and speech provisions.

But we also support a college’s decision to oppose protests during the playing of the anthem and the showing of the flag and condemn them as inappropriate, as well as any other American business, college, sports league, or individual.

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