(National Sentinel) Hypocrisy: Democrats — most often when they are out of power — have regularly called for more “civility” in politics but as Fox News’ Tucker Carlson pointed out on his show Tuesday evening, they don’t really mean it. Ever.

“As you know, Capitol Hill was in chaos today thanks to the first day of hearings for Supreme Court nominee Brett Kavanaugh,” he said, The Daily Caller reported.

“Just a few days ago, you may remember – that was history – but see if you can recall talking heads telling you that John McCain’s funeral, if it meant anything, meant that unity and civility had to return to Washington.”

He then showed a number of clips of people calling for “unity,” “bipartisanship,” and notions like “putting country over party,” when he then contrasted with clips of shrieking protesters and Democratic senators improperly interrupting the Kavanaugh proceedings.

“Country over party, that did not happen today,” said Carlson. “Senate Judiciary Chairman Chuck Grassley of Iowa could not even get the hearing started without being interrupted repeatedly by his Democratic colleagues.”

“So, it wasn’t a good day for bipartisanship,” he concluded.

No, it wasn’t. And frankly, we can’t envision a scenario where it will return anytime soon.

Make no mistake, if Democrats win back control of Congress — even a part of it — POTUS Trump’s #MAGA agenda stops cold. There were be more hearings into false allegations. There will be more chaos and less civility. Democrats will use their newly-regained power to punish the president and all of his supporters.

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And if Democrats win back Congress and the White House, they will exact ‘revenge’ on every corner of Trump country.

What Carlson didn’t say is that Democrats have never wanted civility. They want power, period, and as evidenced by the classlessness shown at the Kavanaugh hearings, they are willing to burn down our institutions in order to steal power.



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