(National Sentinel) Academic Bias: A psychology professor is claiming that every American who claims to be conservative is just predisposed to being a racist as well.

Professor Wendy Quinton of the University of Buffalo conducted a study into the root causes of prejudice and found that stereotypes are not the only cause, adding that other factors — like supporting POTUS Donald Trump — have also contributed to such attitudes, Campus Reform reports.

“Some of President Trump’s policies, such as promoting ‘America First,’ the travel ban, and his talk of building a wall are in line with unwelcoming attitudes toward immigrants—but this is the first evidence I’ve seen linking support for Trump with attitudes toward international students,” Quinton said, according to a university news release.

“This finding tells us that if you statistically account for stereotypes, those domestic students who were higher in Trump support still had significantly higher prejudice,” she continued. “Liking Trump goes beyond stereotypes in predicting prejudice against international students.”

“Conservative beliefs have been found to be positively associated with prejudice against many groups, including immigrants.” Quinton Writes in the study.

Talk about your stereotyping.

To equate support for a border wall, love for country, and banning travel from countries infested with terrorist organizations as somehow being hostile and racist towards “international students” is a faulty premise, to begin with.

It is only natural for a people to support policies that are beneficial to their country first and foremost. That’s not prejudice that’s patriotism. The polar opposite of this is to support policies that are more beneficial to countries other than your own, and that’s just insanity.

As for the border wall, we have an obvious and long-running problem with illegal immigration; border walls are not demonstrations of prejudice, they are tools with which to improve border security.

And seriously, who in their right mind would oppose banning or severely scrutinizing people coming into our country from nations where a) the internal security and vetting apparatuses are poor-to-non-existent; and b) where there are active terrorist organizations at war with your country?

That’s what’s maddening about this kind of “study.” It’s being passed off as genuine scientific research, but given the conclusions, it is obviously nothing more than anti-Trump activism disguised as learned analysis.

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When the outcome of the study is predetermined (Trump’s a racist and so are his supporters) and its initial premise incorrect (loving America is prejudice), the results cannot be taken seriously.

They become nothing more than ‘academically sanctioned’ virtue-signaling.


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