(National Sentinel) Thin Blue Line: The next time some lame ‘sports star’ with a new Nike contract claims that all police are racist, bigoted authoritarians who are threats to a free society, you can point them to this video — and then ask them what they’ve done to protect the innocent lately.

In February troopers with the Texas Department of Public Safety, with the aid of a police helicopter, were in pursuit of suspects driving a black Chrysler 300.

During the pursuit, the car received front-end damage and eventually blew out and then lost one of its front tires.

But the suspect did not stop. He continued on for a while, often on the wrong side of the road, getting on and off a major highway.

Finally, the suspect stops as someone in the helicopter began warning approaching officers that the suspect appeared to be taking up a “defensive position” and was reaching for something under his dash.

It turns out he was reaching for a gun.

As a DPS trooper approached, the suspect fired from behind his driver’s side car door, striking the DPS trooper.

Within seconds, however, another officer on the scene shot the suspect, who went down immediately.

The officer survived but received an arm wound that was bleeding heavily. The suspect, Ernest Manuel Montelongo, was killed.

And all of this after Montelongo was pulled over for a traffic violation and gave the officer a false name.

The trooper attempted to arrest Montelongo but he fled the scene.

It ended up costing him his life (and it could have cost innocent people their lives as well).

This is graphic, so be forwarned:


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