(National Sentinel) Voter Fraud: Everytime Democrats claim there is no such thing as voter fraud, we fume: Of course there is, and the only reason why their party refuses to do anything about it is that Democrats benefit from it.

Another case in point: Illegal immigrants have taken advantage of so-called “motor voter” registration laws to steal the ‘right’ to vote in American elections, and in some states like North Carolina, they remain on voter rolls.

And as The Washington Times reports, officials are powerless to change that:

Elvis David Fullerton has voted in 16 elections in North Carolina dating back nearly two decades.

The only problem, authorities say, is he’s not a citizen and never should have been on the voter rolls, much less allowed to step into a polling booth to cast a ballot.

Mr. Fullerton, who is still a citizen of Grenada, is one of 19 North Carolinians the federal government indicted last month on charges of illegal voting. Yet even now, his name remains on the state’s rolls in Wake County, and local officials say there’s not much they can do about it.

“At this time I’ve not been made aware of any formal source to remove anybody,” said Gary Sims, elections board director in Wake, where five of the 19, including Fullerton, were registered.

Three of them remain on his voter registration rolls.

Worse, Sims says even now he needs more than an indictment or affidavit to begin an investigation. He needs authority from an “official or formal source,” he told the Times.

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The paper noted further that the problem lies with motor voter laws, which was passed in 1993 by Democrats and signed into law by President Bill Clinton, allegedly to ‘reverse declining voter registration’:

The first clear conclusion is that most non-citizens who sign up to vote appear to do so at motor vehicle bureaus. Of the 18 accused voters for which The Washington Times was able to find state records, all of them registered at North Carolina DMVs.

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And of those 18, 13 were registered as Democrats, four as Republicans and one unaffiliated with a party. While a small sample, that does suggest Democrats may be benefitting more from illegal non-citizen voting than Republicans.

Mind you, this is just a microcosm of the extent of the problem. And we know the problem must be massive because Democrats fight so hard to prevent federal and state officials from cleaning up their voter registration rolls and requiring an ID to vote.


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