(National Sentinel) Inappropriate: In case you haven’t noticed, the Left-wing ‘establishment’ media has a mission that will continue for the next several years: Take any opportunity, no matter how inappropriate, to bash POTUS Donald Trump.

The latest example was the late Sen. John McCain’s funeral. Before the long-serving Republican was even laid to rest, the deranged media started attacking POTUS for anything and everything.

His initial tweet offering condolences was far too little. He waited too long to order U.S. flags set to half-mast. And every bit of bad blood between the two men was brought up and discussed over and over and over again on cable news networks (though in most cases, few Americans saw it because fewer Americans are watching).

One former GOP presidential contender and New Jersey governor, Chris Christie, has had it with inappropriate behavior of the establishment media, most of whom couldn’t stand McCain anyway unless he was bashing fellow Republicans and POTUS (both of which occurred frequently).

“I think [Trump] understands the significance of the passing of John McCain, and quite frankly, I think that’s what we should all be focused on,” Christie, now an ABC News contributor, said when host Martha Raddatz asked him if Trump “understands the significance.”

What a dumb question. 

“And this is part of the problem with Washington, D.C. — it’s the commentary we have been hearing for the last 24 hours or so all about the rebukes supposedly of President Trump rather than the life of John McCain,” Christie said, as reported by Lifezette.


“The president was golfing, or heading for the golf course just as Meghan McCain was speaking” at her father’s memorial service Saturday, Raddatz said.

So? Did Raddatz forget that it was McCain’s wish not to have POTUS Trump (or his former 2008 presidential running mate, Sarah Palin) at his funeral (cue the “petty” alert).

Christie wasn’t biting. In response, he rebuked the Washington media establishment for focusing instead on all the times POTUS Trump was attacked during McCain’s funeral service — by daughter Megan McCain and former presidents Barack Obama and George Bush, which was, in and of itself, devoid of decor and decency.

“The fact is that there were extraordinary tributes yesterday that we didn’t hear any clips of before we all started speaking here — extraordinary things that were said by President Bush 43, by President Obama, by [former Sen.] Joe Lieberman, who didn’t rebuke President Trump at all yesterday in his remarks and focused on his friend, John McCain, and the extraordinary man that he was, the extraordinary sense of humor he had, and his toughness, and his temper,” Christie said.

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“And I can tell you as a friend of John McCain’s — this is a guy who, when he was your friend, he was your friend,” Christie added. “And quite frankly, I think the tribute to John McCain should be us talking about that. Next week we can talk about all the political ramifications.”

Raddatz then criticized POTUS for not being at the funeral (uh…!)

“People who are not invited to a funeral shouldn’t show up,” Christie said.

“It was good that the president didn’t try to elbow his way in there … There were lots of representatives of the Trump administration there yesterday to show that this administration has great respect for John McCain, despite whatever political disagreements they may have had over time,” he noted.

For a journalist, Raddatz makes a pretty good Democratic Party propagandist.


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