(National Sentinel) Socialism vs. the Free Market: In a few short months, Floridians will have a massive political decision to make regarding the direction of their state: Do they want to go the way of California, where social spending and the taxes to support it are ever-rising, or remain a libertarian bastion of free-market capitalism addicted to economic growth?

Because that’s the only two choices voters will have, given the emergence of the Democratic and Republican gubernatorial candidates.

The GOP has nominated POTUS Trump-backed Rep. Ron DeSantis, who has made a name for himself in Congress as a conservative stalwart and relentless pursuer of truth, justice, and the [traditional] American way, and would ensure that Florida remains a state committed to true equality while providing substance and opportunity for all.

Meanwhile, the Democratic candidate, Tallahassee Mayor Andrew Gillum, is a Democratic Socialist who will raise taxes if given the opportunity, and whose policies will kill the Florida economy and be slanted towards various groups that self-identify as being perpetually “aggrieved,” at the expense of equality.

But he won’t tell Floridians that because he knows that should he be honest, residents are liable to torch his candidacy as quickly as it rose.

The Daily Caller reported Sunday that Gillum, during an appearance on CNN (of course!), could not just come right out and say that his ‘universal health care plan’ will involve raising billions in new taxes in order to pay for it, and that the money would come from those evil, slimy corporations — the same ones that currently employ hundreds of thousands of Florida taxpayers and which would begin to leave the state for cheaper environs and take their jobs with them, thus decreasing government revenue.

Guest host Dana Bash tried several times to get Gillum to ‘fess up, and finally, he did — sort of:


Bash: Are you ready to tell the people of Florida they need to pay a lot more in taxes to fund your healthcare plan?

Gillum: Let me say first there was a report that showed that should we move to cover more people through a Medicare for all system we could save the system trillions over a period of time.


Bash: You could, but in the short term you need to raise taxes. Fair?

Gillum: So what I would say is, first of all — and I want to be clear — the state of Florida could not take this road by itself. We would need to do it as part of a federation of other states coming together. Think of Florida, New York, California —


Bash: Sir, in order to do that

Bash: What about wealthier people?

Gillum: I ran on this, by the way. We will increase taxes for corporations in our state who right now, just so you are aware, only 3 percent of people in Florida pay the corporate tax rate.

Bash: Sir, in order to do that taxes would have to be raised. Is that fair? Do you agree with that?

Gillum: I don’t buy that.

Bash: How do you find that kind of money for the government without raising taxes?

Gillum: First I’d say, one, Florida could not do it by itself. Secondly, we have the opportunity to expand Medicaid for over 700,000 of the most medically needy people here in the state of Florida. My governor and the legislature refused to do it. It costs us about $6 billion in money that should have come from the federal government to the state of Florida that we never received. I’m simply saying — and I want to be clear, Dana, this is personal to me. I remember growing up as a kid having to wait for the mobile dental clinic to come through the neighborhood in order to have my teeth cleaned.

[Fact check: This money comes from taxpayers, not “the federal government.” Only the Left refuses to admit this. And why should taxpayers from other states support Florida residents’ medical care? Also, if Gillum seriously believes he can provide ‘free’ health care to all Florida residents without raising taxes, he should talk to the Lefties in Vermont, where even they decided it was too expensive. Ditto for deep blue California. So, in other words, this “Medicare for all” pitch is just a big lie to get elected.]


Bash: I know you have experiences and you’re coming from a real place, a personal place in supporting this, but as a government official you have to make it work. You have to make the numbers work. I still don’t understand how you would do it without raising taxes.

Gillum: So the first step we would take is expand Medicaid and pull down about $6 billion a year from the federal government. That’s important. Secondly, as governor of the state of Florida, I would work to bring a number of the larger states into a conversation around how it is together we might be able to negotiate prices and access healthcare to cover more people. And ensure those of us who are insured, who are right now paying premium increases year over year over year all because Ron DeSantis and Donald Trump —

[Fact check: Stop right there, Mayor Gillum. Americans are “paying premium increases year over year over year” not because of Rep. DeSantis and POTUS Trump, but because Democrats under Obama ruined what remained of the over-regulated health care system with Obamacare, which still remains the law of the land thanks to Democrats who refused to go along with enough Republicans to get rid of it. Because the plan all along has been to ruin the healthcare system so that Americans would clamor for socialize medicine, as Harry Reid once let slip.]


Bash: Let me get it this way. Will you say you will not support raising taxes to make your healthcare plan work?

Gillum: I will absolutely not raise taxes on everyday working Floridians to give access —

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Bash: What about wealthier people?

Gillum: I ran on this, by the way. We will increase taxes for corporations in our state who right now, just so you are aware, only 3 percent of people in Florida pay the corporate tax rate.

survival frog

Final fact check: Universal health care cannot and will not work because it is prohibitively expensive. Bash led off the segment with this factoid:  A recent study from George Washington University estimated a plan like Gillum’s would cost the country $33 trillion over ten years. Clearly, that’s cost-prohibitive.

So while such plans work, to some degree, in smaller countries, they cannot and will not work in a nation with 320-plus million people that is currently being inundated with illegal aliens because Democrats refuse to help Republicans shore up our borders and improve internal enforcement.

Democrats campaigning on ‘Medicare for all’ are campaigning on a gimmick that even liberals in some states have figured out is so cost prohibitive they are no longer discussing it.

Gillum is just regurgitating Alt-Left talking points, as evidenced by the effort it took Bash to finally get him to come clean about what he will do if given the chance.

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