(National Sentinel) Hostile: When U.S. diplomatic staff at the American Embassy in Havana, Cuba, and in China began to fall ill earlier in December 2016, investigators were stumped as to why.

More than three dozen U.S. diplomats and family members living in Cuba and China reported confounding brain disorders like dizziness, headaches, and blurry vision.

Some staffers told medical experts they experienced moments where they heard loud ringing and buzzing sounds in their ears. And for months, State Department officials believed that the incidents were linked to “sonic attacks.” Naturally, host governments China and Cuba denied everything, and in fairness, U.S. officials say they don’t know what was actually used or who was behind the attacks.

But now some experts have a working theory they believe explains the phenomenon: The staffers were hit with some sort of microwave weapon.

“Everybody was relatively skeptical at first,” Dr. Douglas Smith, the lead author of a study into the victims’ ailments, told The New York Times. “[But] everyone now agrees there’s something there.”

He’s increasingly positive the diplomats sustained brain injuries.

The Daily Caller noted further:

Initially, experts believed the diplomats’ description of ringing, buzzing and other loud noises were symptoms of a sonic attack. A secretive organization of top scientists that helps the federal government access threats, referred to as “Jason,” is considering several possible explanations — one of them being microwaves.

There are personal accounts that support a microwave attack theory. The spouse of one embassy staffer, after hearing the strange sounds, looked outside her home and reportedly saw a van speeding away. A small van could potentially carry a dish antenna, beaming microwaves at a target.

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Involved in the developing investigation is Allan Frey, an American scientist who determined in 1960 that microwaves can deceive the brain into thinking it hears ordinary sounds. This discovery lead [sic] to what is now known as the “Frey effect.” The 83-year-old scientist told TheNYT that he suspects Cubans, possibly aligned with Russia, orchestrated microwave attacks in order to scuttle growing relations between the Washington, D.C., and Havana.

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“It’s a possibility,” Frey claimed. “In dictatorships, you often have factions that think nothing of going against the general policy if it suits their needs. I think that’s a perfectly viable explanation.”

In response, the Trump administration chastised the Cuban government for failing to protect its diplomats.

And in a further sign of eroding relations, the Trump State Department ordered about half of its diplomatic staff out of Cuba in September 2017.

The American embassy in Cuba now sits empty.


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