(National Sentinel) No collusion: As the nation braced for what some Leftist media described as a ‘bombshell report’ from special counsel Robert Mueller, which could still come given the political objective behind his appointment — getting rid of POTUS Donald Trump — it’s worth noting again how ridiculous the premise behind his investigation really is.

The premise that POTUS “colluded” with Russia to “steal the election” from Hillary Clinton, as well as the fiction that President Vladimir Putin ‘likely favored’ Trump over Clinton, has never made much sense.

That’s due in large part to the belief by U.S. intelligence agencies that every great power across the globe hacked into Hillary’s private email server and very probably has so much dirt on her they were praying she’d win so they could blackmail her for years and hold American foreign policy — and the American people — hostage.

That said, let’s examine actions taken by POTUS Obama and POTUS Trump and compare reality to lies and see just who was/is tougher on Mother Russia.

Thus far, POTUS Trump has:

  • Kept in place sanctions against Russia over its annexation of Crimea in 2014, and has approved new sanctions following Mueller’s indictment of 13 Russians and Russian firms for alleged election meddling in 2016;

  • Pushed for a larger, more power U.S. military, and is delivering on his campaign pledge to expand military spending, acquisition, and force structure;
  • Provided lethal aid to Ukraine, whose under-equipped military continues to battle Russia-backed separatists in the east;
  • Ordered a Tomahawk missile strike against Russian client state Syria following the country’s use of chemical weapons against rebels — despite a warning from Russia;
  • Threatened further strikes against Syria in spite of direct Russian threats to ‘shoot down’ any missiles targeting Moscow’s Syrian allies.
  • Chided NATO into building up its forces to act as a more credible deterrent to Russian designs on eastern Europe and in particular the Baltic States and the Scandinavian countries.
  • Sanctioned a major military response to a Russian mercenary attack against an outpost in Syria manned, in part, by U.S. Army forces, which left hundreds of them dead and wounded.
  • Formally blamed Russian for the NotPetya cyber attack in 2017.
  • Forced U.S.-based Russian media companies to register as foreign agents.
  • Sanctioned Russian oligarchs and officials.

At the same time, Trump — to the anguish of the neocons and Deep State — has also held out the possibility that the U.S. and Russia can, and should, cooperate in a number of areas where it is mutually beneficial (we even did that during the Cold War). As the president has said, who in their right mind would pick a fight with a well-armed nuclear power if such a fight could be avoided?

Trump has adopted Ronald Reagan’s philosophy of negotiating from a position of strength, not one of weakness.


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Now let’s look at what Obama did/did not do:

  • Early on, he sent the most criminal secretary of state ever to sit in Foggy Bottom over to Russia with a gimmick — a red “Reset” button (labeled with the wrong Russian word) — in an attempt to ‘improve relations’ between both countries. Obama was widely praised for that, though Trump has been trashed for reaching out to Putin and trying to improve relations. And let’s not forget that this ‘reset’ attempt came just a year or so after Russia invaded neighboring Georgia, which was viewed by many in the foreign policy community as essentially rewarding Moscow for its aggression (to be fair, the Bush administration did nothing substantive, either).
  • Obama killed off plans to deploy missile defenses to “Poland and the Czech Republic, which Russia interpreted as America retreating from the European continent. Russia then became more interventionist in Europe,” Matt Palumbo at DanBongino.com noted.
  • POTUS Obama refused to demand regular budgets, leaving the U.S. military to depend on year-to-year “continuing resolutions” that deprived the Pentagon of reliable funding, thus preventing military planners from developing new weapons systems that require years of advanced planning and regular funding (this is one of the biggest reasons why the U.S. is playing catch-up in the field of hypersonic missiles; Russia and China are much farther ahead).
  • In 2014 after Russia invaded and annexed Crimea, Obama did nothing except impose some puny sanctions. Now, it’s reasonable to have not expected Obama not to start World War III over Moscow’s reclamation of a territory that used to belong to Russia years ago, but Obama also did virtually nothing to counter the annexation except send a few Army battalions to Europe — which would have been mauled by overwhelming Russian forces in a fight because our NATO allies’ forces were in pitiful condition (and many of them still are).
  • Obama steadfastly refused to provide Ukraine with lethal weapons. This is a bigger deal than many people know because of a little-known agreement called the “Budapest Memorandum.” Signed in 1994 three years after the fall and breakup of the Soviet Union, the newly independent country of Ukraine possessed one of the world’s largest arsenals of nuclear weapons (along with thousands of former Soviet tanks, fighters, and several warships). The U.S., Russia, the UK, and Ukraine all signed the agreement; Ukraine gave up its nukes in exchange for security assurances. By annexing Crimea (which formally belongs to Ukraine), Russia clearly violated the agreement. And Obama did nothing, for all practical purposes. So, not only did Obama fail to live up to the United States’ commitment to Ukraine, understand that Putin would not have acted had he not believed Obama wouldn’t. Putin probably got that impression after Obama laid down a “red line” in Syria over the use of chemical weapons, then did nothing when the Assad regime used them.
  • As for Russian ‘hacking’ of the DNC and election meddling, Obama again did essentially nothing except, in December 2016 on his way out the door, he expelled some Russian diplomats and ordered a Russian consulate in San Francisco closed (Trump ordered three Russian diplomatic posts in the U.S. closed after Moscow expelled American diplomats last year).

Even the reliably Left-leaning Foreign Policy magazine has declared Trump’s Russia policies to be better than his predecessor’s weak-wristed responses earlier this year.

To claim that POTUS Donald Trump is somehow a “puppet” of Putin’s or that Moscow is “holding him over a barrel” is not insanely stupid, it’s demonstrably wrong.

If anything, it’s Trump who has Putin’s number.

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