(National Sentinel) Stupid: The Democratic candidate who wants to be Colorado’s next governor actually claimed this week during a campaign event that if his Republican rival were to win, more women in his state would die.

The Free Beacon reports that Rep. Jared Polis said rival GOP candidate Walker Stapleton’s policies would lead to increased female “mortality” because of alleged decreased access to the nation’s largest legal mass murder organization, Planned Parenthood.

If Walker Stapleton was elected, mortality for women would likely go up with these policies he’s advocating, the HIV infection rate would go up,” Polis said.

Polis made this idiotic statement to a friendly crowd who lapped it up like sweet tea — during an appearance at Planned Parenthood of the Rocky Mountains, the Denver Post reported after an employee cited a ‘study’ claiming that the mortality rate for women was higher in Texas because that state is cracking down on Planned Parenthood clinics and forcing many to close.

But is that claim even close to accurate?

In a word, no.

The Post noted there were many factors leading to higher mortality rates for women in Texas:

However, a reporting error is partly to blame for the sharp increase in Texas, a new report found. In the same report, researchers said there were likely many causes for the spike, including an increase in chronic diseases.

Needless to say, Stapleton’s campaign didn’t let Polis’ egregious statement pass unnoticed.

“As a husband and a father who reads to his two young girls every night before they go to sleep, it’s disgusting to see Jared Polis sink to such outlandish and false attacks in an attempt to scare women into voting for him,” Michael Fortney said. “Jared Polis should be ashamed of himself and this revolting comment should be condemned by Coloradans across the political spectrum.”

Democrats everywhere are stepping up attacks on Republicans regarding abortion “rights” as POTUS Trump’s latest SCOTUS pick, Judge Brett Kavanaugh, moves closer to being confirmed by the GOP-controlled Senate.

The big ‘fear’ is that Kavanaugh will give the court a ‘conservative’ majority whose first mission will be to overturn Roe v. Wade…. despite the fact that there are no such cases pending before the court or even in the works.

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“Truly, we will lose the national backdrops of protections we have,” Polis said in reference to the likelihood of Kavanaugh being confirmed.

“We would look forward to enshrining reproductive choice into law so that women can be assured that nine judges in Washington — five judges in Washington — aren’t taking away their rights.”

Only Democrats see the murder of innocent, helpless babies as a “right.” And obviously, they’re willing to lie in order to protect it.



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