(National Sentinel) Fail: It’s becoming more and more clear with each passing month that the executives at CNN have completely written off their television news broadcast by allowing it to become a 24/7/365 a Democratic propaganda operation and are relying primarily on the network’s web presence to fund operations.

That became apparent again when the August network ratings came in: Not only is CNN‘s television property continuing to tank, it has lost even more ground.

Breitbart News reports that, once again, Fox News‘ primetime lineup of conservative all-stars kicked cable news booty, improving even in the network’s demographic over the same time last year. MSNBC also improved:

While Fox News notched its 200th consecutive month at number one in cable news and gained in primetime viewers (when compared to this same month last year), CNN lost -12 percent of its primetime viewers and a whopping -15 percent of total day viewers.

Fox News averaged 1.3 million total day viewers (down -4 percent) and an incredible 2.3 million primetime viewers (up +4 percent).

MSNBC averaged 1.04 million total day numbers (down -4 percent) and 1.845 million primetime viewers (up +1 percent).

CNN, however, is once again well behind its competition with just 705K total day viewers (down -15 percent) and 1.05 million primetime viewers (down -12 percent), which averages to less than half of Fox’s primetime viewers.

Of all basic cable channels, Fox News came in first place for the 26th consecutive month, followed by MSNBC.

CNN, however, came in sixth, behind Fox, MSNBC, HGTV, USA, and the History Channel,” Breitbart News reported.

CNN is fake news, and worse, the network refuses to retract fake news when it published it.

No wonder it is tanking.

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