(National Sentinel) False: For years the open borders Democrats have claimed that we need massive unchecked immigration (illegal and otherwise) because there are tons of jobs “Americans just won’t do.”

That’s never been true, but you wouldn’t know it if all you read and watched was the Left-wing establishment media.

A new report from the Center for Immigration Studies (CIS) completely debunks the myth with data, statistics, and hard evidence, proving that, indeed, there is no job Americans “won’t do.”

“If immigrants do jobs that Americans won’t do,’ we should be able to identify occupations in which the workers are nearly all foreign-born,” the report by immigration expert Steven A. Camarota begins.

“However, among the 474 separate occupations defined by the Department of Commerce, we find only a handful of majority-immigrant occupations, and none completely dominated by immigrants (legal or illegal). Furthermore, in none of the 474 occupations do illegal immigrants constitute a majority of workers,” he wrote.

The report’s notable findings include:

  • Of the 474 civilian occupations, only six are majority immigrant (legal and illegal). These six occupations account for 1 percent of the total U.S. workforce. Moreover, native-born Americans still comprise 46 percent of workers in these occupations.
  • There are no occupations in the United States in which a majority of workers are illegal immigrants.
  • Illegal immigrants work mostly in construction, cleaning, maintenance, food service, garment manufacturing, and agricultural occupations. However, the majority of workers even in these areas are either native-born or legal immigrants.
  • Only 4 percent of illegal immigrants and 2 percent of all immigrants do farm work. Immigrants (legal and illegal) do make up a large share of agricultural workers — accounting for half or more of some types of farm laborers — but all agricultural workers together constitute less than 1 percent of the American work force [sic].

Also, Camarota noted that occupations many people likely believe are dominated by immigrants are not dominated by them at all:

  • Maids and housekeepers: 51 percent native-born
  • Taxi drivers and chauffeurs: 54 percent native-born
  • Butchers and meat processors: 64 percent native-born
  • Grounds maintenance workers: 66 percent native-born
  • Construction laborers: 65 percent native-born
  • Janitors: 73 percent native-born

In all, the study identifies 65 occupations in which 25 percent or more of workers are legal and illegal immigrants, but even so, nearly 17 million native-born workers are also doing those jobs. These are primarily, though not exclusively, low-wage jobs that require little education, the study found.

Illegal immigrants tend to be even more associated with the ‘jobs Americans won’t do mantra. And yet there are just 24 occupations out of 474 in which illegal immigrants comprise at least 15 percent of workers. There are 5.7 million natives in these high-illegal-immigrant occupations, 67 percent of whom have no education beyond high school,” the report noted.

Also, “the tendency for immigrants to work in agriculture is often overestimated. In fact, we find that only 4 percent of illegal immigrants and 2 percent of all immigrants work on farms,” the report says.

But even though some farming operations employ more than 50 percent foreign-born (legal and illegal) workers, overall this labor demographic only employs about 1 million people; that’s a drop in the bucket compared to the entire civilian labor force of about 160 million, the report said.

This isn’t actually the first study to disprove the ‘jobs Americans won’t do’ myth.

For his 2015 book, “Plunder and Deceit,” conservative pundit and scholar Mark Levin researched U.S. Census Bureau figures and came up with similar numbers to those contained in the CIS study.

“I wanted to mention these jobs because the majority of these manual labor jobs are done by American citizens, and there’d be more but for the fact that the entire pay structure is undermined by the criminals who come into the country and the criminals who hire them and the criminal politicians who keep praising them,” Levin told Breitbart Radio during a July 2015 interview.

Democrats will tell this lie again and again to justify their push for more immigrants and open borders.

But, as this latest study proves, it is just that – a Democratic lie.

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