(National Sentinel) Truth Bomb: If you listen to most Democrats and their far-Left America-hating sycophants, there’s nothing at all good, fair, or just about the United States, and of all the problems in the world, we’re responsible for most of them.

But for most of us the reality is much different: While no country is perfect, there is more promise, freedom, and opportunity in America than anywhere else on earth. And the niece of civil rights icon Martin Luther King, Jr., thinks so too.

In fact, she believes that her uncle’s historic “I Have A Dream” speech is playing out in America every day.

“Are we living in a perfect society today? No, but the dream is being realized 55 years later,” pro-life activist Alveda King told The Daily Signal in an interview Monday, before MLK’s 55th anniversary Tuesday of his famous speech.

“He said ‘Let freedom ring’ and he named all of the different places, including the hamlets, the townships, and he says ‘from the hilltops’ [and] I think of Stone Mountain … in Georgia,” said King, who is director of the Civil Rights for the Unborn program for the organization Priests for Life.

“This year, 55 years later, I was at Stone Mountain for a OneRace rally that was led by millennials, and so prophetically, many of the things that Martin Luther King Jr. dreamed 55 years ago are being revisited today,” she added.

MLK gave his speech during the March on Washington for Jobs on Aug. 28, 1963, roughly five years before he was assassinated in Memphis, Tenn., on April 4, 1968.

The speech was prophecy, Alveda King said, because his vision of an America that is more unified and equal is happeningdespite Democrats’ best efforts to keep us riled up and filled with hate and division.

She also gave kudos to POTUS Donald Trump.

“President Trump himself has said we all believe the same,” she told The Daily Signal.

“I voted for President Trump … for many reasons, but one of the reasons was that when he was asked about race … his answer—and this was as a candidate, but he has echoed it and said it over and over and repeated it—he says, ‘We all believe the same, [it] doesn’t matter what color our skin is … everybody … wants somewhere safe to live, food to eat, opportunity to work and produce, opportunity to enjoy their families,'” she added.

King also praised the Trump/GOP economy, which is screaming towards 5 percent GDP thanks to historic tax cuts and the elimination of reams of burdensome, costly regulations.

“The unemployment rates are lower, the employment rates are higher in the job market,” she said. “We have 6.5 million jobs at least, here in America. The technical, the skilled positions where there are not enough people who are … trained with those skills to step into those jobs.”

Black and Hispanic unemployment are also at near-record lows.

Does America have room to improve? Sure. But King believes POTUS Trump’s policies are taking the country in the right direction.

“We are looking at … prison reform and we are beginning to see that we need jubilee to let those prisoners out and to put them back into society and perhaps into some of those jobs with the proper skills, those who did not commit violent crimes,” she said.

“So the opportunity [is increasing] to let people come into a place of dignity and equality in America, not based on skin color, not based on sexuality, but the fact that, as human beings, we were created and desired with a genuine purpose. And that’s by God, and so our mantra, our motto [is] one nation under God, in God we trust,” she told The Daily Signal.

POTUS Trump’s approval rating among blacks is skyrocketing. And one black pastor recently called POTUS “the most pro-black president ever.”

Not Obama.

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