(National Sentinel) Vindication: The Washington establishment media had another meltdown last week when POTUS Donald Trump tweeted that he asked Secretary of State Mike Pompeo to look into South Africa’s efforts to steal land from white farmers.

The “outrage” was the usual stuff: POTUS is a racist, a bigot, and he’s wrong, wrong, wrong. That wouldn’t happen…in South Africa or anywhere.

Except that that it is, and that has now been confirmed by one of the country’s biggest racists, EFF Leader Julius Malema, who has spent his political career whipping up fellow blacks into a frenzy so they can steal back land that has belonged to white farming families for generations.

In fact, there is a “Land or Death” movement currently gaining momentum in South Africa (see photo above). Supporters say they are ready to kill and die for their ’cause.’

Malema is all about that.

He said in a statement Saturday, he lambasted POTUS Trump as a liar — then confirmed the president’s claim, The Gateway Pundit reported:

We want to send a strong message to USA authorities just like we did with the Australian authorities. Stay out of South Africa’s domestic updates. South Africa is a post-colonial country – with deep inequalities that were long designed by apartheid and colonialism. Our land appropriations program seeks to realize the idea of equality and human dignity. 

Through land expropriation we’re pushing the white people to share their land which was gained through a crime against humanity… Be that at it may, we must put it on record that Donald pathological liar Trump we’re not scared of you and your USA or Western imperialist forces…

Donald Trump is not saying anything we haven’t heard from white people. In all the years I’ve been on record and said I’ve still to meet a white person who supports expropriation of land without compensation. So why are you shocked?… As for Donald Trump, I don’t have time for this nonsense. I expected this.

There is a bloodbath coming in South Africa, and it’s about to go the way of Zimbabwe, led by the same kind of angry black racist who is serious in his beliefs that whites who have brought prosperity to his country are an enemy to be vanquished.

Now imagine if a white majority was persecuting a black minority anywhere in the world — how would our Leftist globalist media respond?

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