(National Sentinel) Unhinged: The Left is using Marjory Stoneman Douglas school shooting survivor David Hogg as it’s latest propaganda mouthpiece in the unending war against the Second Amendment to the point where the young man has now been empowered to just make stuff up.

This week he claimed that the NRA was ramping up efforts to bolster gun sales during a “record low” period, a conspiracy theory that is long on conspiracy and extremely short on facts.

In trolling Education Secretary Betsy DeVos (who is attempting to do great things with POTUS Trump for Americans in terms of reforming dismal public school performances), Hogg claimed that the National Rifle Association was working to manipulate her.

He claimed to his 868,000 followers last week that the “NRA is pulling strings to increase gun sales in a record low year.”

First off, there is zero evidence to support Hogg’s claims. Not only that, his claim of ‘record low’ gun sales is a complete fabrication.

The Washington Free Beacon‘s resident gun issue expert, Stephen Gutowski, fact-smacked young Mr. Hogg.

“There have been about 1 million more FBI background checks, the most reliable indicator of gun sales, this year than last year and this year is on pace to be the second-best in the history of NICS. So, no, gun sales are not experiencing a record low year,” he wrote in response to Hogg’s tweet.

“Hogg, who did not further elaborate on where he got the information to concoct his conspiracy theory, has a history of making false and misleading statements, some of which have been promoted by the media,” The Daily Wire reported.

As to the rest of Hogg’s ‘wish list,’ everything the Left wants in terms of ‘free’ isn’t free. Someday, perhaps, he’ll learn that little lesson in economics when he starts paying taxes.

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