(National Sentinel) Disturbing: If you’ve never been a police officer or seen one struggle trying to arrest a suspect who is resisting, you don’t know how hard it is to handcuff them one-on-one without using a superior amount of force (because that would be a civil rights violation).

And yet, as one Houston police officer struggled to subdue and arrest a subject recently, his pleas for assistance went unheeded, Click2Houston reported.

Police had pulled over a vehicle suspected in an aggravated robbery and shooting in a nearby county, when the suspect, Davon Shavelle Miller, 17, got out of the vehicle and started running, according to a video posted on Facebook. Houston PD officials said the officer got out and chased Miller, tackling him.

At that point, a struggle ensued, and one bystander with a phone kept yelling at Miller, “Stop struggling, it’s not worth your life!”

“He’s trying to kill me!” Miller yelled on several occasions.

“No, he’s not!” the bystander replied.

Click2Houston notes further that as the officer was laying on top of Miller attempting to cuff him, Miller appears to grab at the handcuffs. At this point, an unidentified man is assisting the officer, who can also be heard warning Miller he will shock him if he continues to resist.

“This guy is absolutely a threat. He had a pistol in his car that his girlfriend actually wrapped in a towel and threw it in the bushes while our officer (was) fighting with him,” said Joe Gamaldi, president of the Houston Police Officers’ Union.

“Not only that — you watch the video. He’s grabbing our officer’s gun,” Gamaldi told the station.

In the video, Miller repeatedly states, “I didn’t grab his gun!”

Then another bystander, dressed as a security guard, walks into the frame, and the officer starts asking her for help.

“Help me!” the officer yelled after Miller appeared to reach for his gun. “Stop f—ing filming and help me!”

“You know, a so-called security guard, a complete joke. She should be ashamed of herself,” Gamaldi said, noting further that he thought she should be fired immediately.

While it wasn’t clear she was actually a security guard, you have to ask yourself why anyone would dress like a security guard if they weren’t.

Miller was eventually subdued by additional officers and booked on a felony — attempted disarming of a police officer.

Maybe the “security guard” should be indicted as a co-conspirator.


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