(National Sentinel) Hack: Lanny Davis, the former “fixer” lawyer for Bill Clinton, has had to admit that he wasn’t being honest when he confirmed a CNN report that POTUS Donald Trump was aware of a controversial meeting with a Russian lawyer at Trump Tower in NYC in June 2016.

On July 27, CNN claimed that Davis’ client, former Trump personal lawyer Michael Cohen, was going to tell special counsel Robert Mueller that POTUS did indeed have prior knowledge of the meeting (like it makes any difference whatsoever even if he did because nothing came of it).

But this week Davis backtracked and said the reporting was “mixed up” — no, Cohen doesn’t have any information about when then-GOP candidate Trump knew about the meeting.

That said, the New York Post reported that  Davis himself confirmed CNN’s report as an anonymous source when it was first published.


“I regret that I wasn’t clear enough to The Post. I should have been more clear. I could not independently confirm the information in the CNN story,” Davis said. “I’m sorry that I left that impression. I wasn’t at the meeting. The only person who could confirm that information is my client, [Michael Cohen].”

As for the tower meeting, Cohen himself has told Congress that POTUS is in the clear during sworn testimony — so there’s that.

“The leaders of the Senate Intel committee said that Cohen testified to them that he personally did not know about the Trump Tower meeting before it happened. This contradicts CNN’s reporting that Cohen was in a meeting with Trump when Donald Trump Jr. informed him of the Russians’ offer for dirt on Hillary Clinton,” The Daily Caller reported.

And of course, CNN has yet to issue a retraction. [And they won’t — how’s that for integrity, Chris Cuomo?]

If America had a corporate media establishment that was actually functional and did not serve as a propaganda wing for the far-Left, it’s likely the Democratic Party would not exist today because all of its corrupt figures and America-hating policies would be laid bare.

But we don’t, so Americans have to rely on the truly independent press to tell them what’s really going on.

We don’t mind, though. After all, that’s the kind of free press our founders had in mind when they wrote the First Amendment.

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