(National Sentinel) Ulterior Motive: One of the jurors — “Juror 0302” — in the Paul Manafort case is supporting POTUS Donald Trump’s contention all along that special counsel Robert Mueller’s entire investigation is nothing short of a “witch hunt” to overturn an election outcome that the Deep State will never be able to live with.

In an interview with Fox News, Paula Duncan said that juror — whom she did not identify – was the lone holdout preventing the entire jury from convicting Manafort on all 18 counts, rather than just the eight he was convicted on.

It was one person who kept the verdict from being guilty on all 18 counts,” Duncan said, adding that Mueller’s prosecutors seemed bored at times during the trial — even dozing off from time to time.

Under court order from the judge in the case, T.S. Ellis III, jurors’ identities have been sealed from the press. During the trial, Ellis claimed that he and jurors had been threatened — because that’s what the deranged Left does.

Duncan, however, gave a behind-the-scenes account of the trial and the deliberations that went on for four days afterward.

“We all tried to convince her to look at the paper trail. We laid it out in front of her again and again. And she still said she had a reasonable doubt. And that’s the way the jury worked. We didn’t want it to be hung, so we tried for an extended period of time to convince her,” Duncan said.

“But in the end, she held out. And that’s why we have 10 counts that did not get a verdict.”

At one point during the deliberations, the jury sent a note to Judge Ellis asking what would happen if they were unable to come to a consensus. Now we know why.

Duncan, an avid POTUS Trump supporter, said she was convinced by boxes of documents and evidence that Manafort was guilty as charged.

However, she said, “Certainly Mr. Manafort got caught breaking the law, but he wouldn’t have gotten caught if they weren’t after President Trump.”

“Caught” may be a debatable descriptor, since we already know that President Obama’s Justice Department looked at the very same evidence and declined to prosecute Manafort as late as 2014.

Of the special counsel’s case, though, Duncan separately described it as a “witch hunt to try to find Russian collusion,” borrowing a phrase Trump has used in tweets more than 100 times.

“Something that went through my mind is, this should have been a tax audit,” Duncan said, signaling agreement with the Manafort defense team’s assertion.

“It was a very emotionally charged jury room – there were some tears,” Duncan said, adding that she didn’t feel as though the jury contained many “fellow Republicans.”

“The charges were legitimate, but the prosecution tried to make the case about Russian collusion right from the beginning, and of course the judge shut them down on that,” Duncan told Fox News‘ Shannon Bream. “We did waste a bit of time with that shenanigans…”

The Washington Post reported that Ellis had instructed both sides not to bring up “Russian collusion,” so it isn’t clear what Duncan meant.

“You don’t really care about Mr. Manafort’s bank fraud,” Ellis said told prosecutors in a scolding of Mueller’s team that was widely reported.

“What you really care about is what information Mr. Manafort could give you that would reflect on Mr. Trump or lead to his prosecution or impeachment. …”

When Bream read that quote to Duncan, she responded, “Exact, spot-on.”

“I think that they used Manafort to try to get the dirt on Trump,” she told Bream. “Or hoping that he would flip on Trump.”

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