CNN’s Chris Cuomo’s interview with Kellyanne Conway proves he works for a GARBAGE network (Video)

(National SentinelFake News: You can tell the goofballs and hacks who work for CNN are getting desperate about their consistently low viewership as evidenced by their increasingly testy exchanges with supporters of and advisors to POTUS Donald Trump.

It got testy again Thursday evening during an exchange between Chris Cuomo and presidential counselor Kellyanne Conway in a discussion over Paul Manafort’s conviction and former Trump lawyer Michael Cohen’s plea deal this week.

The kicker (or corker) came when Cuomo actually tried to assert to Conway that CNN has more integrity than the Trump White House.

This, from “Fake News Central,” where viewership and ratings routinely come in lower than blockbuster ratings kings like The Home and Garden Network.

“Where in the Manafort trial is Russia collusion Trump?” Conway challenged Cuomo after he said that.

“I don’t care,” Cuomo replied.

Of course, he doesn’t. All he and his network ‘care’ about is getting a duly-elected president tossed out of officejournalism and integrity be damned.

“You should care,” she responded.

“The president lied about what he knew about these women,” Cuomo said, “he should not lie to the American people, in their face, time and again. The Washington Post does a blow by blow take-through, it’s the first lie they’ve ever flagged in their fact-check.”

First of all, Cuomo isn’t a mind reader so to arbitrarily claim someone is “lying” is factually untenable and, possibly, libelous.

Secondly, even one of their own hacks, former Obama administration official Van Jones admitted the “Russian collusion” narrative was BS, despite the fact that CNN is still pushing it.

That’s some real integrity there, Chris.

“Just because you are saying that, wait, I have a very simple question for you,” Conway said. “Why is it not important for you to replay and talk about the president’s own words, why don’t you show him answering that question?”

“Because he’s lying,” Cuomo said.

“No, you don’t want people to see him answer the question,” she charged.

Where’s your crystal ball, Chris?

Cuomo then played the tape that Cohen released of him and Trump allegedly discussing a hush money payment — but Conway challenged him to play another tape.

“You know what tape I want to hear?” Conway interjected, as the hack sighed in desperation.

“Excuse me, tell us what’s on the tape of Chris Cuomo and Michael Cohen,” she asked, “what’s on the two hour tape with the two of you?”

“Tons of stuff,” he said.

“OK, well tell us! Transparency, accountability, facts first, why?” Conway said mockingly.

“I’ll tell you why I can’t,” Cuomo responded, “because I’ll tell you why, because there’s a little difference you and me, and the shop you’re working for, integrity…”

“The White House? How dare you!” she shot back.

“You should admit he’s lying,” Cuomo responded, “and you don’t, and that’s why people don’t trust you. That’s why, right there.”

Uh, who don’t people trust, Chris? After all, it’s your network that doesn’t rate. And do you ever remember anyone from CNN challenging the truthfulness of Barack Obama, especially to this degree?

Yeah, we don’t either.

Why Kellyanne bothers to spar with these empty-headed anti-Trump hacks pretending to be journalists is beyond us. There’s no point to it and it isn’t journalism.

Cuomo and the rest of the CNN lineup prove that every day.


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Jess Sain
Jess Sain

Baby Cuomo is a greasy Guido, he should be deported back to the old country to be a pick up boy for the old men and fetch Espresso.

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