(National Sentinel) Inflammatory: Most Americans who aren’t open-borders Democrats are mourning the death of Mollie Tibbetts, the 20-year-old University of Iowa student missing for a month who was allegedly murdered by an illegal immigrant.

Tucker Carlson had a guest on his Fox News program Tuesday night to discuss a long-standing topic that he has frequently addressed: Illegal immigration and why so many Democrats oppose any efforts by the Trump administration to enforce immigration law and ramp up border security with a wall.

His guest, Luis Miranda, former DNC Communications Director, immediately made the discussion about race: As in, anyone who supports border security and immigration law enforcement — who also happens to be white – is racist.

“So, the line that the rest of us are kind of forced to accept is that all immigrants are great people, better than us in fact. And that if we suspect otherwise, we are bad people. If we point to evidence proving otherwise than we are flat out bigots and we should be quiet,” Carlson began, as The Daily Caller reported.

“Just this week we found out that a white man in Denver killed his wife and two beautiful young daughters. Also tragic, just as this young woman in Iowa whose death is a huge tragedy,” Miranda said.

What’s the Denver man’s race or his crime have to do with illegal immigration and the allegations that an illegal immigrant has been charged with killing another American citizen?

And he’s right. 

“In the first place, he didn’t have a right to be here in the first place. He should not have been here, his presence violated federal law. You and your party tell us that we are racist for wanting to enforce our own laws. It has nothing to do with race. It has everything to do with whether we think laws are real, and some of us do.”

Click here to watch.

Democrats, and especially the party’s emerging anarchist faction, want open borders, unlimited immigration, and the flooding of American cities with third-world criminals from cultures that do not align with American-style republicanism and civil society.

How many more instances of Americans being murdered by people in our country illegally do we have to see before enough Democratic voters get it?

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