Former Deputy AG: ‘Cohen’s word NOT enough to harm POTUS Trump’

(National SentinelMore: The Left is salivating over the ‘renewed’ prospect of bringing down our duly-elected president now that his former attorney, Michael Cohen, has reached a plea deal with “witch hunt” special counsel Robert Mueller to claim POTUS Trump told him to “violate the law” to pay hush money to a porn star and a former Playboy playmate.

But we’re talking about legal standards and we’re also talking about taking on a sitting president so, according to former Deputy Assistant Attorney General Thomas H. Dupree Jr., so Cohen will have to offer “something other than his own word,” he told Fox News‘ Laura Ingraham Tuesday night.

“For me, what this ultimately is going to come down to is whether Cohen has something other than his own word that this is what happened, that these payments were made for the purpose of influencing the campaign, that they were done at the direction of, presumably, Donald Trump,” Dupree said, as reported by Lifezette.

“If Cohen has Trump on tape, if Cohen has evidence to support his allegations, then it could pose greater jeopardy for the president,” Dupree added. “But right now all we know is it’s just Cohen’s word against, presumably, the president’s word.”

In his plea deal with Mueller, Cohen claims he made the payments in “coordination and the direction of a candidate for federal office.” That candidate is presumed to be POTUS Trump, of course.

In May, presidential lawyer Rudy Giuliani told Sean Hannity that the payment to porn star Stormy Daniels, at least wasn’t a campaign finance violation as Cohen and Mueller’s team are now asserting.

“Paying Stormy Daniels $130,000 turning out to be perfectly legal. That money was not campaign money. Sorry, I’m giving you a fact not that you don’t know. It’s not campaign money…[Trump] knew [Cohen] would take care of things like this — like I take care of this stuff with my clients, I don’t burden them with every single thing.”

“I said, ‘That’s how he’s repaying it, with a little profit and a little margin for paying taxes,’” Giuliani continued.

He added that Trump “didn’t know about the specifics of [the payment], as far as I know, but he did know about the general arrangement that Michael would take care of things like this. These are busy people.”

And just because Cohen makes a claim and prosecutors make a claim doesn’t mean that an actual violation of law has occurred.

“The fact that Cohen pleaded to a particular charge doesn’t mean that other people are automatically deemed guilty,” Dupree told Ingraham. “I mean, that’s why we have trials, that’s why we have evidence, that’s why we have juries make these determinations.”

And he also warned that “one of the most complex and Byzantine areas in the entire sphere of federal law” involves the election code and its violations.

“Lawyers will argue … about whether something constitutes an election violation or it doesn’t. And I think this is no different,” Dupree said.

Harmeet Dhillon, the founder of the San Francisco-based Dhillon Law Group Inc. and Republican National Committeewoman for California, reminds us all what really happened yesterday.

Warning that Democrats and media pundits will continue to go “crazy” by “imputing guilt by association” for Trump, she told Lifezette, “Yet, after all this money, all this effort, all this drama, all these indictments — all you’ve got is zero to do with Russian collusion.

“The only person who committed campaign finance violations with respect to Russia, with respect to foreign countries, is Hillary Clinton. And she never got indicted.”

Perhaps, if POTUS Trump had an attorney general…

What’s Trump really guilty of? Using a GOP operative like Manafort.

“I think, at most, the president is guilty of making a very poor personnel decision when he chose Manafort to be his campaign chairman,” Dupree said. “I tend to think if Manafort had something of value to give to Mueller and he was willing to turn it over to Mueller, you’d think Mueller would have it by now.”

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Why has the FEC not charged the Clinton campaign with fundraising violations?
Why haven’t they followed the paper trails and money laundering from foreign governments through the Clinton foundation and the end user which is her campaign?
It can’t be that difficult.
Is the FEC also corrupt?

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