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Democrats expecting a ‘blue wave’ are going to HATE what this CBS News pollster has to say

(National SentinelBlue Trickle: We keep hearing from the discredited legacy media and their “polls” that Democratic voters are so jazzed about showing up to the polls in November they’re going to help their party usher in a massive blue wave, the first step toward the objective of impeaching POTUS Donald Trump for…something.

But a new assessment from a CBS News pollster — one of the few who projected a Trump electoral victory in 2016 — is really bad news for the party of the unhinged, deranged, and perpetually angry.

As The Blaze reports:

For millions of Americans, Donald Trump’s presidential victory in 2016 was a shock; they never saw it coming. But some did, including Anthony Salvanto, CBS News’ director of elections and surveys. He’s a seasoned pollster who can spot polling trends better than most.

Now, he’s set his sights on the 2018 midterm elections, whose results will greatly influence the 2020 presidential contest, and he’s identified a trend Democrats will not like: The “blue wave” they promised is looking less and less likely that it will come to fruition.

Salvanto has been tracking the same group of about almost 5,700 registered voters via the CBS News Battleground Tracker.

The Blaze: “This allows him to track the sentiment of the same large group of demographically diverse people over a long period of time, which makes spotting trends much easier. And for 2018, the trends are already clear, he told the New York Post.”

The Post noted that all of the voters Salvanto is tracking are “in the 50 to 60 districts that might switch from Republican to Democrat, or vice versa, in November — the only races that matter, when it comes to control of Congress.”

The Post noted further:

Salvanto’s polling currently indicates that few House seats will change hands in November and that the GOP could very well hold its majority in the House.

“In this era, a district’s voting patterns from the past tend to stay that way,” Salvanto said. “Not as many partisans today are willing to cross party lines.”

Of the nation’s 435 House districts, fully 85 percent will almost certainly stick with its current party affiliation come November, Salvanto projects.

That’s not to say the GOP won’t lose some seats. But it’s certainly looking less and less likely there will be a massive “blue wave.”

It’s also not to say that the GOP’s voters aren’t equally enthused about showing up to vote in November.

In this era of hyper-partisanship (remember what Salvanto said — “Not as many partisans today are willing to cross party lines”), it seems less and less likely there will be much shift in political allegiances.

Plus, Democrats have to defend a lot of seats in the Senate, and many of the Democratic incumbents are from states that voted solidly for POTUS Trump.

Ever wonder why we’re not hearing about a Democratic vulnerability in those races from the ‘mainstream’ media?

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