(National Sentinel) Gag Order: In 2015 Americans with consciences not named Chelsea Clinton were shocked to their core when an undercover journalism operation began releasing a series of videos showing Planned Parenthood officials negotiating for the sale of aborted baby parts.

That journalist, David Daleiden — founder of the Center for Medical Progress — has since been silenced by federal courts and his operation attacked as savaged by the Left and its sycophantic propaganda machine, the establishment press. But that court-imposed silence could soon be coming to an end.

The Daily Wire reports that Daleiden is working to have a gag order lifted so he can begin releasing additional videos he says are even more damning than the first batch:

Center for Medical Progress (CMP) founder and investigative journalist David Daleiden is trying to lift a gag order prohibiting him from releasing at least a dozen undercover videos which allegedly further expose Planned Parenthood and other abortion providers’ unsavory and possibly illegal organ-harvesting operation.

Daleiden told the media that his attorneys are filing motions to lift a gag order so he can release the videos, which he says “includes some of the most damning and incriminating footage we ever recorded.”

CMP began releasing disturbing undercover footage of the abortion industry leader in 2015, showing Planned Parenthood officials openly haggling over the prices of body parts of aborted babies and nonchalantly discussing their gruesome procurement methods.

The videos were largely buried or ripped apart by the mainstream media (who care so much about a “free press”), and the abortion lobby found a new enemy in Daleiden, targeting him with lawsuits and working overtime to discredit the Center for Medical Progress’ work. The National Abortion Federation (NAF) — the organization which put on the two conferences where CMP journalists interacted with abortion officials — successfully shut up Daleiden with a federal suit.

“We’re pressing for the entire thing to be dismissed,” said Daleiden, according to The Washington Free Beacon, as cited by The Daily Wire.

“You could expect a solid dozen more videos really in the same vein as the original undercover [material]. … This gag order should be dissolved in October, and we should be able to release the tapes at that time.”

He noted further: “The facts on the ground [have] changed so completely and so significantly … that the original justifications for that gag order don’t stand.”

In 2017, California charged Daleiden and fellow journalist Sandra Merritt on 15 felony counts for their undercover reporting — the only time, Daleiden notes, that “a California attorney general has prosecuted an undercover journalist for taping.”

That occurred under the ‘leadership’ of former California AG and now-U.S. Senator (and likely 2020 Democratic presidential hopeful) Kamala Harris.

According to the CMP website, on Aug. 15 the organization filed three motions in federal court in San Francisco to have the gag order lifted.

“Three years ago, Planned Parenthood’s abortion doctors with the National Abortion Federation stormed into federal court demanding a gag order over the most damning undercover footage,” CMP said in a statement.

“Now they have largely retreated, dropping all of their federal claims and allegations of unlawful video recording, leaving only a simple contract dispute between fellow Californians,” the statement continued.

“Since the gag order was issued, two Congressional investigations, a successful case against Planned Parenthood’s business partners in southern California, and the ongoing U.S. Department of Justice investigation prove that CMP’s videos are accurate and Judge Orrick’s reasons for placing the gag order were false.

“This case should be thrown out of federal court, and the censored undercover videos must be released,” it noted further.

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