(National Sentinel) Shut It Down: POTUS Donald Trump once again expressed his disappointment and frustration with his attorney general, Jeff Sessions, over the weekend because the bogus “witch hunt” investigation by special counsel Robert Mueller continues for all the wrong reasons.

Without question Mueller’s probe:

— Has turned up nothing remotely related to “Trump-Russia collusion;”

— Has ignored the very real collusion between Russian government elements and the Hillary Clinton campaign and the Democratic National Committee;

— Has found nothing with which to charge the president in terms of criminal or actionable offenses because someone like Adam Schiff very likely would have leaked the information by now.

Mueller’s probe is a sham designed to hide Clinton’s and the DNC’s collusion, as well as the former Obama administration’s launch of Spygate — to infiltrate and undermine Trump’s 2016 campaign and presidency [Get “The Spygate Files” report for free when you subscribe to our daily email newsletter — see form below].

And following a story published by The New York Times over the weekend claiming that White House counsel Don McGahn met for 30 hours with Mueller’s team earlier this year with the full blessing (and historic waiver of both attorney-client privilege — his client is POTUS Trump — and executive privilege), former House Speaker Newt Gingrich believes Mueller has made “a fatal mistake.”

Thanks to this access, in which McGahn repeatedly said he has never witnessed the president do anything illegal or unconstitutional (including “obstruction of justice”), Gingrich said there is no reason for Mueller to interview the president, and, hence, his witch hunt investigation should be over.

Per Fox News:

There is now no excuse for Special Counsel Robert Mueller to ask to interview President Trump.

In fact, it is now clear the investigators have been given so much information about the president’s actions and had such remarkably open access, they should just close shop and write their final report.

They no longer have any grounds for going to court to get a subpoena to compel the president to testify.

Mueller’s fatal mistake was revealed Saturday in The New York Times story titled, “White House Counsel, Don McGahn, Has Cooperated Extensively in Mueller Inquiry.” Michael Schmidt and Maggie Haberman reported that there were at least 30 hours of interviews between the Mueller team and the White House Counsel.

Don McGahn asserted throughout the interviews that “he never saw Mr. Trump go beyond his legal authorities.”

McGahn’s cooperation is historically unique because President Trump waived both executive privilege and attorney-client privilege. President Trump was so confident of his innocence that he waived both of these protections to allow the Special Counsel to thoroughly question the White House attorney.

Accepting such a thorough and detailed briefing from the White House Counsel will ultimately hurt the efforts of Mueller’s team of left-wing Democratic lawyers.

McGahn is a very widely-respected lawyer, who thoroughly understands the difference between legal and illegal behavior – and he was in the room for virtually all of President Trump’s activities.

It couldn’t be more clear: The Trump White House was comfortable talking for 30 hours with a pack of high-powered, very tough-minded investigators, because the president has done nothing wrong.

Nevertheless, at every stage, Mueller has conducted an aggressive, one-sided, and increasingly irresponsible, investigation.

“Now, we are at the end of the failed investigation,” Gingrich declared, adding “it is clear there is no evidence of President Trump either colluding with the Russians or engaging in illegal obstruction of justice.”

Saturday’s New York Times story should be the end of the story.

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