(National Sentinel) War on Coal: President Obama used the Environmental Protection Agency as a weapon against American consumers every chance he got, targeting energy production in particular.

His administration’s “war on coal” nearly killed off the industry entirely as a raft of EPA regulations targeting coal-fired electric plants made building new ones impossible and operating old ones far more expensive — costs that were, of course, passed along to consumers.

But in keeping with yet another campaign pledge, POTUS Donald Trump, and his administration are set to dramatically roll back Obama-era rules aimed at hampering the coal industry and coal-fired plants.

Fox News reports:

The Trump administration is escalating an effort to revive the flagging U.S. coal industry with a planned move next week to replace restrictive Obama-era climate policies with new rules designed to help coal-burning plants run harder and stay open longer.

The proposed new rules, which the Environmental Protection Agency…is expected to release within days, would be the latest in a series of reversals of policies the Obama administration adopted to slow climate change. It would replace the agency’s so-called Clean Power Plan for the electricity business with regulations that cede power to states, and could ultimately lead to more heat-trapping gases going into the atmosphere even as it sets parameters to boost efficiency at coal-fired power plants.

President Trump has repeatedly promised to support coal, an industry beset by a shrinking customer base, competition, falling prices and bankruptcies; the plan may be his administration’s most ambitious effort yet to kill regulations on coal’s behalf.

Senior administration officials familiar with the proposal say it outlines technology that coal-burning plants can employ to produce more power from less fuel. It would also eliminate triggers that would mandate overhauls at plants, a rollback to encourage coal-burning units to make smaller improvements, which could extend the profitable lifespans of those plants by many years.

In recent years cheaper energy like natural gas and falling costs of cleaner fuels including wind and solar have led power companies away from coal, Fox News said.

The rule changes are also subject to a public commentary period so they wouldn’t take effect right away anyway. And no doubt there will be a slew of environmental wacko groups who hate capitalism and cheap energy filing suit to stop the regulations from taking effect.

But the reality is, costs for so-called “green energy” are not that low and if power companies can once again turn to cheap, cleaner coal, why wouldn’t they? Companies only moved away in the first place because Obama made it cost prohibitive for them to remain with coal.

After years of making America poorer, weaker, and less influential, little by little POTUS Trump is making it great again, just like he promised.

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