(National Sentinel) Inflammatory: Michelle Goldberg of The New York Times perfectly embodies why the vast majority of Americans do not trust the ‘mainstream’ establishment media, let alone her hack rag of a newspaper.

During an appearance on MSNBC Friday, she actually said that POTUS Donald Trump would have no problem rounding people up and murdering them because he’s such an authoritarian.

Appearing with Caitlin Huey-Burns of RealClearPolitics, John Podhoretz of Commentary, and host Katy Tur to discuss the president, here’s how the conversation went, per The Daily Wire:

HUEY-BURNS: Again, this is the most vocal president, at least in real time, that we’ve had in recent memory, right? He’s the leader of the free world –

GOLDBERG: Oh, no he’s not. He’s not the leader of the free world – but sorry.

PODHORETZ: By default, he’s the leader of the free world.

GOLDBERG: Angela Merkel is the leader of the free world, but –

HUEY-BURNS: Well, he is the most important person in the world in politics right now, and he is very vocal, and I do agree with you that this does express a level of exasperation among his aides that they can’t have any control over –

TUR: Your argument that he’s not the leader of the free world – because he’s not standing up for democracy, because he’s not standing up for humanitarian rights?

GOLDBERG: Right, because he’s a sort of junior player in a bloc of authoritarian countries.

TUR: And people like the European Union are no longer looking at him as a leader any longer, and [they’re] thinking of doing their own thing.

GOLDBERG: Of course not, they see him as … he’s part of a bloc that includes Vladimir Putin, Duterte. He’s kind of part of a kind of [unintelligible].

TUR: Well, hold on –

PODHORETZ: It’s worse than that in a certain way. I mean, not that that’s not the worst thing you could have said [because] that’s about the worst you could say about him.

TUR: Well he’s not rounding people up and murdering them without any, you know, due process.

GOLDBERG: He’d certainly like to.

TUR: I don’t think you can say that definitively.

“I don’t think you can say that definitively?” That’s almost as stupid as what Goldberg said.


And these people are supposed to be educated and smart? Angela Merkel? Germany can’t deploy the majority of their air force or basic equipment for a battalion of soldiers assigned to NATO to defend Europe, let alone ‘the free world.’

As to these idiotic and repetitive references to POTUS Trump’s alleged “authoritarianism,” where is it?

Would an authoritarian dictatorial leader even allow MSNBC to be on the air? And why isn’t Goldberg mentioning the biggest threat to press freedom in the modern era, Barack Hussein Obama?

Is he taking away the free speech and expression of any journalist at any network — the way that Left-wing social media platforms are censoring and banning conservative, pro-Trump media voices?

What parts of the Bill of Rights and the Constitution has POTUS Trump done away with singlehandedly?

Where are all the concentration camps containing American dissidents like the fool Michelle Goldberg?

None of these things have happened. None of what these lunatics describe is real.

What POTUS Trump is actually doing is upholding the law and guaranteeing basic rights, not taking them away like the real authoritarians on the Left would (and is).

To hear these babbling pinheads make such inane, stupid comments that are not just inaccurate but beyond the pale is precisely why they have so little trust among Americans — who are increasingly turning them off and tuning them out.

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