(National Sentinel) Overused: These days, the term “racist” is used so often as a means of attacking anything having to do with an American traditional value that the term simply has no meaning anymore, and frankly that’s a shame because there are real racists out there.

Louis Farrakhan, neo-Nazis, some BLM members and white supremacists come to mind.

But when a T-shirt is called “racist” simply because it contains references to Americana — and the accuser believed and taken seriously just because they’re a minority, then “racist” has no meaning anymore.

The high school cheerleading squad at Dodge County High School in Eastman, Georgia, is ‘under fire’ for attempting to sell “racist” T-shirts to raise funds for the squad, according to WMAZ-TV in Macon.

The shirts in question read, “In Dodge County, we stand for the flag, kneel for the cross, that’s Indian pride.”


As for the term “Indian,” well, that refers to the school’s mascot, so that’s not a source of mockery or  — wait for it – racism, but pride and respect. Mascots inspire fans and rally teams to play harder.

In this day and age, for anyone to seriously believe a local school district would adopt or cling to an overtly racist mascot is looking for a reason to be offended.

And yet, school officials have bent to the demands of a single ‘outraged’ black resident who ‘claims’ she’s offended by the T-shirt’s symbolism and references.

Resident Deneen McLeod told WMAZ-TV the shirt “stands for the hurt of black people getting killed, beat by police officers and getting off with it. So, therefore, we as black people … to us, that’s what it looks like.”

That anyone could equate Christianity, the American flag and respect to ‘killing black people’ and ‘getting beat by police officers’ is such a stretch to more rational people as to be impossible to credibly make.

McLeod, sadly, wasn’t the only one who sees ‘racism’ under every rock.

Dodge County Board of Education member Shirley Ikedionwu posted a since-deleted Facebook rant about the shirts, and soon after, the school stopped selling them.

“I can’t imagine how our children would feel entering a place that is supposed to be welcoming and accepting of students from all walks of life, beliefs and perspectives — but instead they are faced with this type of exclusionary message,” Ikedionwu reportedly posted on Facebook. “I have contacted administrators in the school system, and AT THIS POINT, THE SHIRT WILL NO LONGER BE SOLD.”

Fortunately, one local business — White Hat Auto — isn’t caving to the irrational hysteria. The business has stepped up and is selling the shirts on behalf of the cheerleading squad.

White Hat Auto will have this shirts available this afternoon or first thing tomorrow. If you would like to purchase one…

Posted by White Hat Auto on Tuesday, August 14, 2018

“I’ll stand for my God, and I’ll stand for my flag, period. It’s not about racism, it’s about these cheerleaders wanted to get a shirt and get money to help boost their club,” White Hat Auto manager Nikki Mullis said.

School superintendent Michael Ward is also on board with the shirts.

“There’s no violation of anything right now,” he said. “They’re just voicing their political views. As long as it’s not vulgar or obscene, they’re within the dress code policy.”

But if that’s true, then why did the school stop selling them?

If people want to be offended or choose to be offended, then they will be. It’s as simple as that and there’s nothing anyone can do to change their minds. That obviously includes promoting American values.

Giving in to the perpetually offended isn’t going to change that.

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