(National Sentinel) Authoritarians: At some point over the past several years, the American Left assumed the authority to make all of society’s rules concerning how we can and cannot behave, what we can and cannot say, who we can and cannot support, and what we can and cannot do.

Any ‘violation’ of the tyrannical Left’s established protocols or any wavering outside the Left’s social, political, and cultural groupthink is met with severe ostracization, demonization, and – increasingly – physical punishment.

This authoritarianism has been on full display for quite some time, but it’s been in hyper drive since POTUS Donald Trump smashed all predictions and handily defeated the most corrupt presidential contender to ever seek the Oval Office, Hillary Clinton.

The Left has never accepted Trump’s victory and as such has sought to punish as many of his supporters as possible. The latest episode occurred recently at a restaurant in Texas, where Leftists were triggered after Attorney General Jeff Sessions stopped in for a bite – and the owner dared to thank the AG for dropping by.

As reported by the Star Tribune:

A popular Tex-Mex restaurant in Houston is facing backlash after it posted a photo of [Sessions] who has pushed for a wide crackdown on immigration. 

El Tiempo Cantina was targeted by hundreds of tweets and Facebook posts after Roland Laurenzo, president of the company that operates the chain, posted a photo…with Sessions. The photo caption said it was an “honor” to serve Sessions, who delivered a speech in Houston that day.

The report went on to note that Sessions’ visit – and Laurenzo’s approving post – offended Leftists opposed to policies like enforcing immigration laws, border security, border integrity, and ensuring that people who come to America legally stay at the head of the migration line.

The lesson is this: If you’re conservative or a supporter of POTUS Trump (whose policies are turning out to be to the right of Ronald Reagan), then you’re not permitted to freely participate in society.

Conservatives can’t have a meal without being harassed.

We’re not ‘permitted’ to show any affection or approval at all for Trump via the donning of a pro-Trump article of clothing, lest it be ripped from our body and we are summarily pummeled.

We’re not ‘permitted’ to say or point out anything positive about the president or his administration, no matter how much truth our statements contain without being shouted down or, in the case of Alex Jones and Infowars, deplatformed, censored, silenced, banned from existence.

While AG Sessions, in the view of many, made a horrible error in judgment when he recused himself from all things “Russia” shortly after being confirmed to his post by the Senate, he’s otherwise been a good and loyal subject to the president and to all of the American people – even those who disagree with him and POTUS on policy.

His presence at a restaurant in Houston and the chain’s owner relishing the opportunity to serve him not only shouldn’t be ‘newsworthy’ but should also not merit the imbecilic, immature response of the Left-wing masses who, by the way, are able to freely associate with and support whomever they choose in a hassle-free environment. For the most part, Trump supporters are max attentive and supportive of all forms of life in a free society and don’t seek to curb someone else’s behavior or actions simply because we disagree with their viewpoints.

The Left’s destruction of the unspoken social contract we all have to abide by and support in order to maintain a free and functioning society for all citizens is continuing apace. If we continue down this same path, there will come a day when the contract is so damaged it cannot be reinstated without violence. And they will have pushed the country to that point.

A version of this story first appeared at NewsTarget.

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