(National Sentinel) Cruel: A spokesman for a prominent Native American tribe is blasting uber-Left-wing politicians in deep blue coastal states for using onerous EPA regulations to deny his people the opportunity to coal, gas, and other forms of energy.

The Daily Caller reports that officials in a small number of coastal states led by Washington are essentially denying Crow Tribal members the opportunity to earn a much better living.

CJ Stewart, a Crow Tribal member and co-founder of the National Tribe Energy Association, told the Senate Committee on Environment and Public Works Thursday that his people are dependent on producing energy to survive.

“Tribal economies face many obstacles to success, and currently the economy of the Crow Tribe is facing a critical crisis,” Stewart told Republican Sen. John Barrasso, R-Wy., and others on the panel.

“While we are blessed with untold mineral wealth in oil, coal, and gas on the Crow reservation, regulatory roadblocks and political crisis force us to languish in poverty.”

“The tribe currently has an unemployment rate of 70 percent,” he added.

“Imagine having a trillion dollars in mineral wealth under your feet and yet your people are starving and destitute before you. It’s a cruel nightmare.”

The Dailly Caller reported further:

The Crow Tribe is heavily dependent on energy from coal and gas for its economic well-being.

It has about 13,000 members and is the biggest employer on the reservation, which spans three states — Montana, North Dakota and Wyoming, Barrasso’s state.

Outside of coal revenues, the tribe relies on funding from states and the federal government to employ about 900 people.

Stewart blamed the Section 401 of the EPA’s Clean Water Act, which was intended to provide states with a way to apply key water quality protections to federally permitted activities.

The U.S. holds more of the world’s coal reserves than any other country, Stewart told the panel.

He also noted that the coal “mined by the Crow Nation is preferred by high efficiency, low emission power plants that are in operation and being built around the world.”

But of course, ‘caring liberal Democrats’ who claim to have cornered the market on compassion for minorities are doing all they can to deprive this Native American tribe of its livelihood.

The Trump administration has been steadily rolling back onerous, harmful, disastrous regulations, but there are literally tens of thousands of them and each one must be carefully weighed before it’s simply repealed. And even then, the president can’t undo all of them.

It is incumbent that Republican voters turn out in droves in November to give him more power to deep-six these ridiculous, job-killing regs so all Americans can live the same dream of a better life.

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