(National Sentinel) Pathetic: Nothing says ‘cowardice’ and ‘hypocrisy’ quite like silence from the establishment media and the liberal #MeToo movement when it comes to who they attack and who they leave alone regarding credible allegations of sexual abuse by a public figure.

CNN spent hours upon hours covering the allegations surrounding Rep. Jim Jordan, R-Ohio, when he was accused by former wrestlers for looking the other way as an Ohio State wrestling coach for years as the team physician allegedly fondled them. One of those accusers has since backed off his claims, by the way.

But now that Democratic National Committee co-chair Rep. Keith Ellison, who is black, a Muslim radical, and running for Minnesota attorney general (not even kidding) has been accused of sexual abuse by at least two women, silence.

We’re hearing the same thing from the hypocrites in the #MeToo movement: Nothing.

The Daily Caller reports:

Democratic Rep. Keith Ellison is facing accusations that he abused his ex-girlfriend, Karen Monahan, a liberal activist for Sierra club.

Ellison just won the Minnesota Democratic primary election for attorney general on Tuesday, this despite the claims made against him.

Ellison is denying the accusations, but in the #MeToo era, innocent until proven guilty doesn’t really exist for men, unless of course, they’re Democrats.

So where’s the outrage?!

Great question. We’re guessing that our readers know the answer to it: Sexual abuse is excusable if pointing it out would hurt a black Muslim Democrat.

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