(National Sentinel) Delivering: The more successful POTUS Donald Trump and the GOP-controlled Congress are when it comes to reducing burdensome, costly regulations and promoting pro-growth policies that lift all boats in America, the more support they get from the black community, which is currently experiencing it’s lowest unemployment level in decades.

On Wednesday Rassmussen Reports noted that black support for POTUS Trump had doubled since last year to 31 percent.

Today that support has risen to an astounding 36 percent.

The last Republican presidential contender to have this much black support was Sen. Bob Dole in 1996, when he ran against then-President Bill Clinton, and he only garnered 12 percent.

That was as high as it got for Republican presidents and presidential nominees over the last 10 election cycles.

POTUS Trump has destroyed that record.

Now just imagine this: What if POTUS can maintain this high level of support from a core Democratic constituency?

What if he only managed 25 percent support?

Not only would he cruise to a re-election victory in 2020, the unhinged, far-Left Democratic Party would become a permanent minority. 

And this is without even considering the Latino vote. As we reported, 39 percent of Hispanics support the president.

Democratic leaders are embracing the lunatic Left — the Democratic Socialist and the Antifa “no borders, abolish ICE” anarchist faction of the party — and in doing so they’re losing support like crazy.

Then, of course, there is also the #WalkAway movement.

POTUS Trump and his Republican Party have replaced the Democrats as the real ‘party of, for, and by the people.’ That’s becoming more evident by the day.

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