(National Sentinel) Deep State: Practically since POTUS Donald Trump first took office, former CIA Director John Brennan criticized the new commander-in-chief, highly irregular for a former top official in a previous administration.

As time went on, Brennan’s tweeted criticisms of POTUS Trump became more unhinged, more bizarre, and more strident in tone. The increasingly heated tweets coincided with new revelations about “Spygate” — the operation launched by the Obama administration to spy on a rival presidential campaign and then undermine it once Trump took office (get the new report “The Spygate Files” FREE when you subscribe to our daily newsletter — see details upper right of the page).

Brennan’s tweets often contained ominous warnings for POTUS — which was really bizarre and unusual, most observers agreed.

Now we know why, thanks to former Secret Service agent and conservative talk host Dan Bongino. And now we know why POTUS Trump revoked Brennan’s top secret security clearance on Wednesday.

Appearing on Fox News‘ Tucker Carlson program, Bongino laid out in detail Brennan’s role in overseeing Spygate, which include — many suspect — illegally obtaining FISA court surveillance warrants for Trump campaign adviser Carter Page through misrepresentation of facts and evidence.

Bongino explained how Brennan kicked the whole thing off to maneuver the FBI and Congress to engage in the biggest criminal spying operation in the history of our republic:

You understand that John Brennan was the puppet master of the entire scheme to violate the civil liberties of Donald Trump and his team? John Brennan was that guy. 

John Brennan, Tucker, tweeting today about his principles. I thought it was a joke. I had to check for the blue check-mark. John Brennan has no principles. 

This is a disgraceful human being who nearly destroyed the reputation of the intelligence community.  Tucker, on August 25th of 2016, John Brennan himself, this is a fact, it’s public record. He went and briefed Harry Reid up on the Hill about elements in the dossier that then made it into a letter from Harry Reid to the FBI that was used.

Bongino’s allegations follow those of POTUS lawyer Rudy Giuliani, who earlier this week called Brennan the “quarterback” of the entire operation. He also says that Brennan ought to be hauled before a grand jury and, under oath, questioned about all of this.

And let’s never forget that if Brennan was handling this, he was doing so on behalf of Barack Obama and, most likely, with Hillary Clinton’s knowledge.

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