(National Sentinel) Blinded by Hate: The country’s first major party transgender gubernatorial candidate, Christine Hallquist, has repeatedly demonstrated in the recent past she has no love for Christians.

In fact, the Democratic candidate appears to be so blinded by hate for our country’s dominant religious philosophy that she allowed it to cloud her better judgment when she responded negatively to a post at a Christian-themed satire site, the Babylon Bee.

The site ran a story related to POTUS Donald Trump and his payment to porn star Stormy Daniels with this headline: ‘Trump Was Merely Sharing The Gospel With That Porn Star,’ Explains Jim Bakker.”

It began:

Squashing accusations that President Trump had a sexual encounter with porn star “Stormy Daniels” while he was married to Melania, televangelist Jim Bakker explained to his audience Friday that he had confirmed that Trump was merely scheduling private time with the woman in a hotel suite in order to share with her the good news of Jesus Christ, as he had become acquainted with her and was very concerned that she was not a Christian.

“It is preposterous to assert that a virtuous believer like Mr. Trump would cheat on his beautiful wife so callously, and while their child was only months old,” a solemn Bakker said into the camera as colorful balloons provided a backdrop for some reason. “He was so concerned with the eternal state of Miss Daniels’ soul that he scheduled some alone time with just the two of them, so he could share with her how Jesus Christ had changed his life and how He could also save her from her sins.”

Good stuff, but only if you have a sense of humor. And Democrats don’t, especially if they’re transgender Democrats, apparently.

In response to the story, Hallquist tweeted, “Some of these Christian evangelist’s are just downright crazy.” (Her grammatical error, not ours)


There’s more. As The Daily Caller reports, she “once tweeted an insinuation that ‘radicalized Christians’ are a problem that Americans currently ‘tolerate.'”


“And we worry about sharia law!! Radicalized Christians are a part of the American landscape, and we tolerate it,” she wrote.

Talk about your hate. And maybe we’re not quite up to speed, but where, exactly, is this “radicalized Christian” problem and how is it manifesting itself?

Attacks on gay nightclubs, perhaps? Nope, that’d be a radicalized Islamist who supports Sharia law.

And this pseudo-woman wants to be governor of a state? Not only does she hate so deeply she can be duped by a gag, she can’t even write well.

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