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Interior’s Zinke: ‘Environmental TERRORIST groups’ most responsible for out-of-control wildfires

(National SentinelTruth Bomb: Interior Secretary and former Montana congressman Ryan Zinke blasted “environmental terrorist groups” over their mindless lockstep opposition to proper forest management including logging as being a major contributing factor to several massive fires burning up the West.

In an op-ed for USA Today, Zinke wrote that there are about 100 wildfires currently burning, mostly across the western United States, and that most of them were largely preventable. He also wrote that he had just returned from the massive Ferguson Fire in California while praising POTUS Donald Trump for quickly declaring portions of the state disaster areas so they qualify for federal relief funds (despite the fact that Democrats in that state have done all they can to thwart the president’s agenda).

Zinke also called out “extreme environmentalists” in an interview with KCRA that aired Sunday. The day before that, Zinke lambasted “environmental terrorist groups that have not allowed public access, that refuse to allow harvest of timber” in an interview with Breitbart Radio,” The Daily Caller reported.

As for the lunatics who blame every wildfire on “global warming” and “climate change,” Zinke didn’t hold back.

“I’ve heard the climate change argument back and forth,” he told the Sacramento-based KCRA. “This has nothing to do with climate change. This has to do with active forest management.”

Zinke, a former Navy SEAL, noted further in USA Today:

The fires are burning hotter and more intense, due in part to hot and dry weather and in part to the fuels that overload our forests. These fuels fill forests from the floor, where highly-combustible, dry pine needles act as kindling to jump-start the tiniest spot fire, all the way up to the crown where beetle-killed trees dot the mountains like matches. 

In between the floor and the crown, there are years’ worth of dead logs, overgrown shrubs and snags, which many firefighters call “widow makers” because they are so deadly. The buildup of fuels is the condition we can and must reverse through active forest management like prescribed burns, mechanical thinning and timber harvests. 

He laid out three reasons why there should be more active management of forests that include measures environmental extremists reflexively oppose:

First, it is better for the environment to manage the forests. Wildfires produce smoke and emissions. The release of gases and particles can negatively affect air quality. Fires also damage watersheds, and as we see fires burning hotter and longer, the soil is actually becoming scorched and sterilized, preventing regrowth. In addition, while many of the frivolous lawsuits waged to stop timber harvests cite habitat as a concern, environmental litigants are little concerned when an entire forest burns to the ground and the habitat and wildlife are lost.

Second, active forest management is good for the economy. Logs come out of the forest in one of two ways: They are either harvested sustainably to improve the health and resilience of the forest (while creating jobs), or they are burned to the ground. 

Third, and most important, the active management of our forests will save lives. 

Zinke noted that the Ferguson Fire has killed two firefighters and the Carr Fire has killed a half-dozen people.

“Radical environmentalists would have you believe forest management means clear cutting forests and national parks,” Zinke argued.

But their rhetoric could not be further from the truth. They make outdated and unscientific arguments, void of facts, because they cannot defend the merits of their policy preferences year after year as our forests and homes burn to the ground.

For the record, in California humans, not ‘greenhouse gases,’ caused 95 percent of the wildfires.

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3 Comments on Interior’s Zinke: ‘Environmental TERRORIST groups’ most responsible for out-of-control wildfires

  1. One of the co-founders of the original Greenpeace got so disgusted with them he left and started his own group:

    It’s that the enviros stopped logging that would have taken out a great deal of the fuel that is burning-once again the federal judiciacrats are to blame as the Green Powers run to get their way through the magic wand of invented law-they even sued to stop salvage logging after the forests burned due to their own nutty policies. They want to tax US consumers when if they really believed their own theory it would make the most sense to tax the products from the biggest and fastest-growing polluter-China. Ever notice how the left loves China?

  2. If you want to push the Global Warming issue and make it more real than ever, what’s one way to do that ? How about this . . . kill all those things that produce oxygen and consume carbon dioxide. So, burn down all the goddamn trees. See, we’ll PROVE to you that Global Warming is real, whether you like it or not. We WILL create new revenue streams to fill our pockets with cash whether you like it or not, because we Marxists refuse to work for a living ; stealing is far more fun.
    Your enemy is all around you.


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