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BOOM: Trump campaign files ARBITRATION action against Omarosa over non-disclosure breach

(National Sentinel) Libel: While scores of Americans and national security analysts believe that fired White House aide Omarosa Manigault-Newman ought to be charged for recording Chief of Staff John Kelly as he let her go earlier this year, the Trump campaign isn’t waiting for the Deep State to do the right thing.

The campaign filed for an arbitration hearing against Manigault-Newman on Tuesday that could cost her millions in damages over allegations she violated the terms of her non-disclosure agreement that she signed in 2016 when she was hired.

The Washington Examiner reported exclusively:

President Trump’s campaign organization Tuesday has filed for arbitration against friend-turned-enemy Omarosa Manigault Newman, claiming that she broke a 2016 nondisclosure contract by disparaging the president in her new book and revealing private talks from the ultra-secret White House Situation Room.

In New York, Trump campaign lawyers filed for arbitration to force the former star of “The Apprentice” to abide by the agreement they say she signed when joining the 2016 campaign.

According to a sample of the agreement provided to Secrets, she was required to keep proprietary information about the president, his companies or his family confidential and to never “disparage” the Trump family “during the term of your service and at all times thereafter.”

“Donald J. Trump for President, Inc. has filed an arbitration against Omarosa Manigault-Newman, with the American Arbitration Association in New York City, for breach of her 2016 confidentiality agreement with the Trump Campaign,” said a campaign official, the Washington Examiner reported.

“President Trump is well known for giving people opportunities to advance in their careers and lives over the decades, but wrong is wrong, and a direct violation of an agreement must be addressed and the violator must be held accountable,” the official continued, according to the news site.

The site noted further:

Typically, arbitration demands, like the nondisclosure agreements they address, are kept secret. The campaign’s legal move takes their fight to a whole new level and could wipe her out financially.

While Manigault Newman has claimed that she did not sign a nondisclosure as part of her White House work or in exchange for a 2020 campaign job that did not materialize, her signing of the agreement during her 2016 campaign work remains in force because it is with the same campaign organization and never went out of force, said the campaign.

“The campaign is holding her accountable for the 2016 nondisclosure,” said a Trump ally.

An official said on background that Manigault Newman has made “egregious” violations of the agreement and as a result they are seeking millions of dollars in retaliation. As the case unfolds, they might also seek any “ill-gotten profits” she has received from the book, including her fee for writing it.

She has 14 days to respond, the Washington Examiner reported.


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  1. She’s a certain loser. The people advising her are the ones abusing her, not Trump.

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