(National Sentinel) Epic Fail: On Thursday one hundred newspapers around the country are set to simultaneously run editorials bashing POTUS Donald Trump for his characterizing them as “fake news” and ‘enemies of the people’ — which is pretty much what they all do everyday unofficially.

Because practically no one in Trump’s America trusts them anyway, the ‘mainstream’ media’s equivalent of another anti-Trump temper tantrum isn’t going to affect POTUS’ approval rating one iota — unless, of course, it will drive it up.

The papers are going to whine and complain that POTUS Trump is ‘harming the First Amendment’ through alleged attempts to ‘shut down press freedom’ when in reality he’s doing nothing other than calling them out for their blatant hypocrisy and dishonesty.

If these rags really wanted to contribute to the betterment of the country, they’d all collectively call out Antifa for the violent force for disruption and anarchy that it is.

Let’s be clear about something: Supporters of Donald Trump are not fascists, much as the Antifa thugs want us all to believe. In fact, based on history and the behavior of the group’s members, they are the ones who are the real fascists.

Either today’s establishment media journalists are too stupid, too lazy, or too indoctrinated into a fascist/communist ideology to do their homework and call out the most destructive political force in America today.

As noted by ListVerse:

During the decade-long economic depression that affected most of the world, fascism, along with socialism, anarchism, and communism, became popular with two kinds of people—those who saw capitalism and democracy as alien systems forced upon them by the US and Great Britain and those who were disenfranchised with the status quo and sluggish economic recovery. Fascism, no matter what form it took, whether urbane and corporatist or volkisch, combined a hostility to both capitalism and communism with personality cults, grandiose displays of paramilitary (and later military) power and prowess, and a predilection for violence.

The site notes further that fascists are almost always associated with “nationalism” and are “far-right.” But are the president and his legion of supporters “nationalists” or simply patriotic in promoting our country above all others?

Are they really “far Right” or merely conservatives who revere the Constitution?

Antifa and those who founded the modern movement have been allowed to define all of the parameters — who they are and of who we are (and aren’t) because the pathetic media that POTUS Trump rightfully challenges and calls out has failed to do its job and report the truth.

And that entails calling out an organization that has been labeled a domestic terrorist group for two years.

Understand there is no effort underway by POTUS Trump to subvert the First Amendment — and certainly not in the way the disgustingly dishonest establishment press works with Democrats to subvert the Second Amendment.

In fact, Barack Obama was the biggest enemy of press freedom in recent memory, using the power of government to harass, intimidate, and investigate journalists attempting to hold him and his administration accountable.

Trump merely sees the bulk of the establishment media as patently dishonest, as well as aiding and abetting the dismemberment of civil society by complacently allowing Antifa terrorists to define themselves and their political enemies.

History proves ‘anti-fascist’ forces are violent anti-capitalists but most Americans don’t know that because the media won’t tell them. And they won’t tell the people what Antifa really is because the media agree with Antifa’s efforts to shut down free speech, besiege Trump supporters, and destroy the civil society.

On Thursday the press weenies will “officially” collectively trash POTUS Trump. Nothing new there.

What they ought to be doing is calling out the biggest threat to our country since the Civil War — Antifa and the anarchy of the Alt-Left.

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