(National Sentinel) Midterms: For most of a year polling firms have been attempting to convince Americans (and conservative Trump supporters in particular) that Democratic voters were energized and ready to turn out by the tens of millions to toss congressional Republicans out of power as a means of rebuking POTUS Donald Trump.

Not so fast.

Throughout much of 2017 and 2018, polling firms had Democrats up — sometimes by double digits — in generic congressional balloting.

Huge blue waving coming, right?

It’s a sure thing…right?


The Daily Caller reports that the Democrats’ lead has essentially vanished as we near the home stretch of campaigning ahead of the 2018 midterms:

Republicans appear to have closed the gap with Democrats in the all-important “generic ballot” — a clear sign that the GOP is surging politically in the run-up to the November 2018 midterms.

Democrats continue to insist that a “Blue Wave” will sweep their party back into control of the House of Representatives and may even allow them to recapture the Senate as well.

But the generic ballot — the best single measure of the relative balance of support of the two parties with the electorate — strongly suggests otherwise.

In the last week alone, three major pollsters have found that the gap between the two parties is statistically negligible. YouGov found a Democratic advantage of just 2 points.  Reuters found a margin of 3 points.

And IBB/TIPP, considered by many to be the single most reliable pollster in the country, reported that the race is a dead heat.

These findings, which contrast sharply with the large double-digit lead Democrats enjoyed last December, and again in early July, put the lie to their party’s claims of growing Trump and GOP weakness.

Meanwhile, POTUS Trump’s own polling numbers are growing, especially among blacks and Hispanics.

On the economy, The DC notes, POTUS enjoys widespread approval. And he’s gaining among those who are leaving the Democratic Party in droves via the #WalkAway movement.

“The Democrats need to flip 24 GOP seats to regain control of the House.  But a number of contests in southern California and even traditionally Blue Minnesota could be slipping from the Democrats’ grasp, the latest polls show,” The DC reported.

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