(National Sentinel) Pathetic: Conservative commentator Mark Steyn blasted Left-wing Vox News during an appearance hosting Tucker Carlson’s Fox News program Thursday evening over the website’s portrayal of MS-13 ‘animals’ as nothing but normal teenagers.

“President Trump has highlighted his administration’s efforts against the MS-13 gang. So of course, the Left now supports MS-13. Vox.com has published a video portraying the gang as a bunch of cute teenagers who ride bikes, listen to music, and work after school jobs,” Steyn began.

Carlson then showed a video clip of MS-13 members depicted first as thugs and then as gang members who look like normal young people, The Daily Caller reported.


Suffolk County District Attorney Timothy Sini laid out the facts about this violent gang of thugs, murders, and sexual predators.

“Here are the facts, in 2016 and part of 2017, we saw 17 homicides that MS-13 committed. That’s 17 homicides in just 16 months,” Sini said.

“Two of those homicides were Nisa Mickens and Kayla Cuevas, 15 and 16-year-old girls from friends Brentwood High School. Another one was a quadruple homicide where four boys were chopped into little pieces in a park in central Islip.”

“We need to take this gang extremely seriously and that is exactly what law enforcement is doing across the country and I applaud everyone’s efforts,” he continued. “We are working together to target violent MS-13 gang members and we are making a difference.”

The lengths the far Left — media, politicians, and commentators — will go to normalize the abnormal just to hate on POTUS Trump has no limit.

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