(National Sentinel) Stolen: A noted researcher and author of a new book on Democrat-tied voter fraud says the data indicate a “tsunami” of illegal balloting is likely to take place during the 2018 midterms, which could flip enough GOP seats for Democrats to regain control of the House.

Eric Eggers of the Government Accountability Institute (GAI) said in an interview with Breitbart Radio that narrow GOP election victories like the one in Ohio’s 12th district on Tuesday could flip enough seats that Democrats will regain congressional control when voter fraud is factored in.

Even more unnerving: Eggers said there is enough documentation indicating that voter fraud is widespread enough it could even affect the outcome of presidential elections (unlike “The Russians”).

“[The GAI] performed a nationwide first-of-its-kind study to look at actual votes that were cast in the 106 election. We combined all the publicly available voter rolls that we could get, and we hired a data consultant and contracted with a commercial database … and what we found was stunning,” he said.

“We found that in the state of Florida, in 2016, there were 2,100 double-votes that were cast. That means 2,100 times, somebody that lives in Florida cast a ballot, and then cast a second ballot in a different state. … That’s nearly four times what the margin of victory was in the presidential election in 2000.”

Eggers noted further, “These are the kinds of stakes that can absolutely swing an election.”

And wouldn’t you just know that a George Soros-funded organization was at the heart of this fraud?

“Organizations that are funded by George Soros both fight to keep those vulnerabilities in place, as in Ohio, by trying to prevent efforts to pass voter-ID laws or to make the voter rolls more secure; but then they also — and this is really the insidious part — they fund organizations that go out and round up voters, regardless of legality of their status, and force them through the vulnerabilities in the system,” Eggers told Breitbart Radio.

“There are 248 counties in this country that have more registered voters than actual citizens of legal voting age,” he continued.

“It’s a problem because it creates opportunity for organizations like the formerly known ACORN and La Raza — they’re all funded by Soros — to go and figure out where the vulnerabilities are and force the voters — whether they’re legal or not — through the gaps.”

He also explained the concept of “granny farming” to skew election outcomes:

Voter fraud amongst absentee ballot fraud among senior citizens is maybe the largest problem that we face as a country because absentee ballots are essentially an honor system.

These political operatives, they have lists, and they know where the senior centers are and who the senior citizens are.

Campaigns will pay these people, and they go to senior citizen centers and they play bingo or watch Matlock or whatever it is to cultivate a relationship with these senior citizens and then they have them fill out a form, or maybe even fill out a form on their behalf, and it requests an absentee ballot, and then they send it off.

Two days later when the absentee ballot form comes in, they get there and then either with the vague recognition of the senior citizen — or sometimes without the recognition — they will then fill out the ballot of that senior citizen and fill it in.

He talked of ‘granny farming’ in southern Florida: “We’ve seen numerous examples where people are caught with notebooks that detail intricate systems of payment and organization.”

This is why the Democratic Party is so opposed to voter ID laws and any other effort aimed at bringing more integrity and oversight to our balloting processes. 

They can’t win on the twin platform of “Hate” and “Socialism” so they have to steal power by cheating.

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