Judge Napolitano to POTUS Trump: ‘Steer CLEAR of Bob Mueller’ because he’s not there ‘to help YOU’

(National SentinelLegal Advice: Reports have surfaced once again in recent days that special counsel Robert Mueller may subpoena POTUS Donald Trump to provide testimony in his bogus ‘Russian collusion’ witch hunt.

The president’s legal team has said it would fight any such subpoena all the way to the Supreme Court because they believe Mueller has no constitutional authority to order a sitting president — technically his boss — to provide testimony.

That said, Rudy Giuliani, one of POTUS Trump’s lead lawyers, has said often that the president wants to sit down with Mueller because he’s got nothing to hide.

Fox News legal analyst Judge Andrew Napolitano says that’s a lousy idea. And he’s given the president’s legal team some free consultation.

“My hat is off to Rudy Giuliani’s patience because it seems like every time there is an agreement, Bob Mueller … wants to move the goal post,” Napolitano told Fox News‘ morning show “Fox & Friends” on Tuesday, according to The Daily Caller.

“I would basically say ‘Mr. President, we’re not going to let you anywhere near Bob Mueller. He knows a lot more about this case. He’s interviewed a lot more witnesses. When the government wants to talk to you, Mr. President, it’s to help the government. It’s not to help you,’” he said.

He also praised Guiliani’s legal advise to his presidential client and his decision to fight a subpoena all the way to SCOTUS if it came to that, The DC reported.

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“I think Rudy has been giving that very sound advice to the president but the president, because he’s said publicly so many times, ‘I want to tell my story.’ … This is not the forum for him to tell his story,” Napolitano said.

“He should just tell the American people I want to tell the story but the lawyers have advised me it’s not the place,” he added.

“If there’s a subpoena let the court call it,” he concluded. “The president may have a very good argument that Bob Mueller cannot force his testimony, but the courts will have to decide.”

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Richard Daugherty
Richard Daugherty

Bob Mueller needs prison. I believe he will get there.

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